White Dune – 1st Album

by White Dune


White Dune is a 10 musicians band from Fribourg(CH) who wishes to produce a first full groove album inspired by funk and soul music - A journey to share our struggles, intimacies and emotions.

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Successfully concluded on 25/11/2022

the project in brief

After four years of creating and refining our music, we are now ready to record our first album with our band White Dune! A full groove album inspired by our funk and soul heritages, which will tell our intimate stories and our convictions with fun, lightness, love and revolt!

PS: the rewards will be sent after our opening party, around March 2023

A short biography

White Dune is an adventure that started four years ago with a dream shared by Arnaud Frossard and myself, Catherine Demierre. This dream : to gather people who love groove music and to create a therapeutic sound that would make people dance, cry, militate and so many other things. We were first 4, then 5, then 7, and finally, today, we are a group of 10 people who, after having worked and reworked their songs, are finally looking to leave their first musical record.

The project

Our first album will consist of 5 songs + 1 intro, which will give us a musical journey of about 40 minutes. In addition to that, if possible, we will also record a single. We will record it at the Relief Studio in Belfaux, with the help of Max Torche.

This album is imagined as a journey rooted in its funk and soul heritages, evolving through an era of ecological and social crises. It can be imagined as a printout of a time experienced, an immersion in our intimacies and convictions. It is also a time for expression, emancipation and who knows, catharsis? We believe that music is a way to share our political struggles, but also to live our emotions together, to work on our wounds and to heal ourselves. This is the journey we will take you on with this album, all lightness, love and revolt!

Maybe you’ve heard White Dune live, maybe you’ve been touched by the souls, emptied your bag of sweat on our stubborn groove or wished you could understand the militant lyrics claimed in English. Now it’s time for all this to happen at your home, in your car, at your parties, or to tidy up your room.

You can help us by making a donation, and if you don’t have enough money, you can advertise this crowdfunding, talk about it, share it, in short, help us to make this project live!

The crowdfunding will be used for the studio recording of the album, mixing, mastering and vinyl printing. We already have a small budget available from our past concerts to pay for the artistic design of the cover and the production of t-shirts and bags.

PS: the rewards will be sent during 2023