This is not just a simple project, but my life project

As my entourage would say, I have been passionate about music since my birth, maybe even before ;-). This passion surrounded me,and I was inspired by my near family and far.I feel so grateful to have had the chance to bathe in this creative world.

My mother Suzanne, who left too soon, was a very talented multi-instrumentalist. The people I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my life have given me a great deal of artistic knowledge. All of these people have allowed me to acquire a certain empathy and humility in the face of multiple life experiences, which have colored my path and brought me here.

For several years, I have been working with Florent Bernheim, a true one-man orchestra of modern times. I met him at the Phil Collins’s Little Dream Foundation, where he was the artistic director for us kids ( the young talent) . We later collaborated in our cover band AddiKs. I naturally turned to him to work on the first 3 tracks of the album and he will be present throughout this great musical project.

This project also led me to Pierre Gueguen, who works on the mixing and the visual of the album. He also helped me with the visual of the photos and my presentation video. Florent Berheim and Pierre Gueguen manage Alternative Studio in Sion where my EP, videos, photos etc. … Were produced.

With your help in this crowdfunding, we will be able to create this daring, intimate and true project.

What is special about my project

One day, while going through my parents’ belongings, I came across this little book, stained and a little damaged, with the title «* Songs without music * by Jim Corey.» Of course, I turned to my mother and grandmother,Loretta, for a little more information about this treasure. Jim Corey (James William Cushinan) was my maternal grandfather.I never knew him because he died suddenly when my mother was 18 years old. I only heard stories about Jim and his love for writing, music and his romance. After Jim passed away on April 23, 1978, the family collected all of his words and published a small book. They explained to me who he was. They shared their favorite lyrics with me and sometimes even flashbacks to when he wrote those lyrics. So I started to read it, meditate on it , get inspired by it … and compose! When I played my song * So Madly * to my grandma (Amma), she was so proud and touched. She still remembers when Jim read those words to her to get her opinion. She finds it incredible that 43 years later her granddaughter took over his lyrics and made such a beautiful song. It’s such a wonderful legacy for me. This is the kind of treasure that money cannot buy. It’s a story to tell. It doesn’t matter the form-whether in a book, a movie or in music. We are all looking for the truth and everyone has their own truth in them … So I decided to tell my own. I’m creating this project so that my grandfather’s words and my mother’s passion resonate through my music. But also, to share my experience and encourage people to do things that speak to us personally.

«Make that change» as the legend , Michael Jackson used to say. Change begins with the man in the mirror.

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What Your Support Will Be Used For

It is a question of financing and supplementing the 3 tracks already produced : the recording, the editing and the mastering of a complete album of 7 to 10 tracks which will be accompanied by the creation of the video clips of each song. There will also be intimate intros and outros between each title. (The music will never stop;)) In addition there will be mini-documentaries of 15 minutes or less to explain the inspiration, the story, * The Making of *, and the constructive message behind each song. Like little episodes in the form of a television series. So that you can follow every step of this adventure with us , the entire album (every episode, every clip and every song) will be available on current platforms. On CD / DVD or downloadable on your smartphone or computer. I really need you to complete this great project … I can’t do it alone as the costs are too high to be covered by my own resources. This is where YOU come into the picture !!! I hope that my approach will be very successful and that I will have the sincere pleasure of sharing these life stories with you. With each donation, you will receive a gift! The list on the right side of this page tells you what you will receive, depending on the amount of your generous donation. I already feel privileged to be able to share this little piece of me with you now and I hope you will have the curiosity to discover the rest. Thank you in advance for your help !