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Allthough we’ve finished recording our album and we’re able to finance it aswell, there is plenty more work waiting out there for us. Starting with the Mastering the songs, videoclips and whole merchandise production. We hope we can give you a little taste in the following parts to make you support us.


We’re five friends who love making music together. We’ve been lucky enough to play all over the country and beyond and we freak out everytime we see happy faces during and after our concerts. It’s why we keep on doing this. But to make it a constant path we need to create something new form time to time, write songs and albums, to keep the followers and fans hungry for our music. They shal expect the unexpected, and so we created «Quiet Man», our upcoming album.


After a very successful 2015 Show-Schedule, wich lead us through countless clubs and venues, great festival shows such as Openair St. Gallen, Gurtenfestival and many more… we’ve been taking a two weeks break in Summer 2015 to write new songs in the middle oft he swiss mountainside, to get inspired and develop our new musical era. After almost 1 year we wrote over 40 Song-Ideas and the top ten made it onto our new record. Together with our Producer Jack Diamond we’ve been booking his Studio in Winterthur (Suburban Sound Studios) this summer and have been recording our faith and high hopes on wich we believe in to keep on trying to conquer further areas of our Rock’n’Roll world.

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We’ve been inspired by the great times of Popular and Rockmusic and shuffled it into our very own, completely fresh and exciting sound. We tried to bound the «Stadium-Sound» and the Vintage «Discotèque-Music» together and gave it a whole new note of our very own Who’s Panda musicstyle. We always try to step up the game and never create a same record again. So we did, and we are ultimately pleased with the result. We hope and try to blow your mind of course. Even a fantastic «Open-Up-A-Beer-And-Chill-Ballad» has made it’s way on it. So our facettes have been expanding and we believe we can connect to more and more people in the near future.


The music hast o wait yet but we can show you our artwork Frontcover of «Quiet Man» already. It’s been beautifully done by zurich’s finest artist Aramis Navarro who first heard our demos and painted this picture during the his sneak-peak-listening session. The result is very pleasing and we are now working with him as exclusive art-director. We are very proud to have him on our boat. You will find this «Quiet Man» figure all over our CD’s, Vinyl, Bags, shirts, etc. . Which you can actually purchase already, before all others. We hope you enjoy our sneak-peak and we would kindly invite you to support us and be part of our new Who’s Panda «Quiet Man» Era already.

Thanks for your support and see you soon a tour shows. We love you.

Band Cover:

Obwohl die Musik noch ein bisschen warten muss, können wir dir heute schon das Artwork zu «Quiet Man» vorstellen. Der Zürcher Künstler Aramis Navarro hat uns dieses wunderschöne, einzigartige Bild gemalt. Das Artwork wird auf den Shirts, Bags, Platten und CDs zu finden sein. Eine limitierte Auflage als Siebdruck kann man sich hier ebenfalls ergattern!

Danke für deine Unterstützung. We love you!!

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