Remember! For What We Are Alive?

It’s a beginning of a great community… a young community, with different great special talents! People’s from diferent country’s and culture’s who want just one think : To help the Art !!!


My project is special because ... We try to wake up people!

We want to share with all people our message about the sense of life of all of us. And stream the film for free to everyone)

P.S. After MontageLine! And presentations of Film on Festivals and OpenAir Cinema*


This is what I need for backing

We need the following Budget: Actor Cast: 10000 Tehnic part(Camera; Lights; Audio;etc.): 40000 Placement: Film Location/ Travel Location’s:10000 Teamwork: 20000 Production/ Postproduction : 20000 comission 10000

P.S. If Project will find full money support: We start Movie Production after all restriction will be totally off: +- January 2021 Premiere date: Hollyday 2022***