We design beautifully handmade, sustainable jewellery with roots in Bern, Zurich and Tel-Aviv. Now we need your help to make our second collection a reality!

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Without you, it won’t come true!

Our second jewellery collection: At wiggles.ch we have designed our second collection of beautifully handmade, sustainable jewellery and we need your help to go from designs to production, while keeping the affordable pricing that you and I can afford!

Why, who, how?

We are Louis and Laura, and during our studies we used to work in an awful bar in Bern. After one of the many all-night work shifts in which the song ’Wiggle’ by Jason Darulo was played 10 times too often, we gathered our savings and courage together, and founded Wiggles in April 2015.

Where our jewellery comes from...

Bern, Zurich, Tel Aviv: We design and produce every single one of our jewellery pieces together with two friends of ours, a young pair from Tel Aviv. They are professional jewellers and after studying in India and the US, David and Helen run a small jewellery workshop where every piece of production takes place in-house, with fair wages and ethically sourced materials.

All of the Wiggles jewellery pieces which we have designed with them are hand-made and therefore only available in small numbers. We really enjoy the cooperation in Wiggles, as we learn from some of the best craftspeople when making our designs, and can rest safely assured that our jewellery is well-made and sustainably produced, as well as being beautiful and affordable ;)

Why Wiggles?

We brought Wiggles to life because we believe that beautiful, sustainable jewellery shouldn’t be so expensive and difficult to find in Switzerland!

What about the new collection?

After the success of our first collection in 2015, we were inspired by you, our customers, to create a second collection. Over the months we listened to and collected your favourite themes, topics and subjects, and used them as a starting base for our drawings and designs.

The result can now be seen in our 9 new, unique designs – the phrases Light, Daintiness and most importantly the Long-Anticipated-Summer-2016 are the mottos which describe our new collection best!

Why we need your help...

Without you our beautiful new designs won’t make it far!

Only with a small financial push of 1’800 CHF can we afford to take the prototypes and designs we have made, pay for the materials and equipment, and put them into production to fulfill a small collection.

As a thank-you for your much appreciated support we have created unique and heartfelt rewards for you, including all 9 of our new pieces at a special price lower than they will cost in our online store after the crowdfunding!

Please share with your friends, loved ones and strangers sitting next to you on the bus – thank you from us in advance!

Here are the 9 new pieces: