Amongst cocnut trees....

…you spot the limestone mountains arround Cha Am.Here we plan to realise for us and our guest the Phu Chang Bungalow Resort…with your help we will build the 2 bungalow with the guest- and livinghouse..

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The resort...

….we will once wellcome you; in this idyllic and quite location close to Cha Am Beach in PhetchaburiProvince, western Thailand, situated about 160 km from Bangkok and 27 km from Hua Hin!

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By bike...

From the planned resort there is easy access onto quiet roads to the famous Kaeng Krachan National Park. With its large biodiversity and an area of 2915km2 this is the largest National Park in Thailand close to the Burmese border. You can go swimming and tubing in the river Phetchaburi, running from the freshwater lake Kaeng Krachan . On request we are happy to accompany you to any of the other attractions in the area. The seaside resort of Cha Am on the Gulf ot Thailand is a famous destination amongst locals and is easily and safe accessible by bike. Golfplayer have exclusiv Golfranges nearby. For example the Kaeng Krachan Country Club.

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Many impressions, little traffic

On the bike or e-bike, a nice transportation to go from one place to another. The bike is a attractiv, silent, eco-friendly, versatile transportation for your excursions. You can go everywhere , take stops wherever you feel like…. and it even suports your healt…We will look for your satisfaction and supprt you with anything you need. Here it’s your gateaway for your special holidays.

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Sportingly relaxed...

Depending on the timing of your visit it is possible to watch the local ricefarmers going about their seasonal work in the nearby paddy fields, birds hunting for frogs or fish or even see a family of ducks bathing.


Children and Nature.....Kaeng Krachan in Switzerland

Our two children Lukas, aged 6, and Jonas, aged 3, are always delighted to come along with us. Lukas has already been here six times! As a family we go to the beach together, explore the many nearby caves, visit the Wats (temples), shop at a local market or take a trip to the previously mentioned Kaeng Krachan National Park, which is famous for its wild elephants. Since 2009 Zürich Zoo has been supporting the National Park and its pachyderms with its foundation. Through this partnership the stunning new Kaeng Krachan elephant enclosureopened two years ago at the zoo.Through our work here we are also interested in making a contribution to the upkeep of this unique nature reserve and its wildlife.

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There are many people involved in the Chang Mountains Bungalow project: myself, Walter Jerger, from Switzerland (trained chef and house-husband) and my wife of 10 years, Pikul Jerger-Kiriya (traditional Thai masseuse), who was born and grew up in north-east Thailand. Also taking part in the project are our siblings, Peter Sellner (planning and design), along with family members in Germany, England, Thailand and Switzerland.

Kaeng Krachang in der Schweiz

Der Zoo Zürich unterstützt den Nationalpark und seine Dickhäuter seit 2009 mit einer Stiftung. Vor ca. 2 Jahren wurde im Zoo Zürich die imposante Kaeng Krachan Elefantenanlage ( 11’000 Quadratmeter! ) neu eröffnet. Es ist eines unserer Ziele mit der Arbeit im Resort einen Beitrag zum Erhalt dieser einmaligen Tiere und des Natur-Resevats zu leisten. Hinter dem Projekt Phu Chang Bungalows stehen Pikul Jerger-Kiriya, ausgebildet zur traditionellen Thaimasseurin, geboren und aufgewachsen im Nordosten Thailands und Walter Jerger (Hausmann, Konditor, handwerklich begabt) und seit 10 Jahren verheiratet

Walter Jerger ist in einem Garni Hotel mit Restaurant, Bäckerei, Konditorei in Bad Ragaz aufgewachsen, wo er auch mitgearbeitet hat bis er auf Reisen ging. Heute arbeitet Pikul Jerger erfolgreich als Thaimasseurin in ihrer eigenen Praxis in Bad Ragaz und Walter betreut die beiden gemeinsamen Söhne. Die junge Familie wird unterstützt durch die Geschwister und Verwandten in der Schweiz und in Thailand, durch ihren Planer und Freund Peter Sellner, durch ihre Verwandtschaft in Deutschland, England, Schottland und vielleicht in Kürze auch durch dich und deinen Beitrag an dieses ökologisch basierte und am sanften Tourismus orientierte Projekt. Ganz herzlichen Dank für dein Interesse!

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