With love to Oceans

Did you know that oceans cover 71% of the globe, and algae emit about 82% of all oxygen. So conserving the oceans is so important to all of us.

I decided to devote my life to becoming a diver volunteer and help cleanse the oceans, and it is very important to devote other professional and non-professional divers on how to keep the underwater environment safe.

In addition to plastic, people also harm fish and corals by not knowing how to handle them properly. I also want to create an educational platform where everyone can get acquainted with useful information, for example: Corals die only from one touch to them, and a starfish can lives without water for only 3 seconds. Also, during the exploring of the underwater environment, in no case should stend on the ground. This is dangerous for fish that hide in the sand and also dangerous for people, because some of these fish are very poisonous.


My project is special because ...

I have a tertiary education of a veterinarian and I know how to handle and treat animals, now I want to change my qualifications so that, if necessary, I can treat the inhabitants of the oceans who need medical attention. This makes my project special, I think this is my vocation.

Thanks to this project, we will improve the quality of life of all people on the project


This is what I need backing for.

In order to retrain as a volunteer diver, I need to go through 4 diving courses, pass exams and get certificates, and then I can start my first volunteer project. The total cost of these courses is 700 €

In gratitude, I will upload photos and video reports of everything that I have done for our oceans thanks to you