How will your support help change the lives of 10,000 women?

Perhaps you have already experienced the frustration of long waits in crowded emergencies? Perhaps you ended up being taken care of in an impersonal way by an overflowing service where welcome with serenity and all the personalized attention is not possible ? By your contribution, you have the power to change this experience for 10,000 women and future mothers per year! Permagyn reserves a serene welcome in a human, warm and personalized setting by a competent specialized team. In operation for 3 years and faced with the ever increasing demand, new investments are necessary to continue to offer to as many women and future mothers as possible our service within a modern infrastructure, on a human and warmly welcome scale. Our service is of public interest and we do not receive any help or subsidy from the authorities or other private organizations.

Why do we need you?

We need you to help our emergency to serve even more women of all ages and future mothers. We are a family-owned clinic. Dr Igor Martinek and his wife Carole put all their heart, their knowledge and invested all their personal finances until the last franc to build with their own hands this jewel that is Clinique Suisse Montreux, first clinic in Switzerland entirely dedicated to women . It’s a first ! The emergency department for women’s health disappeared after the local hospital closed and relocated. On a human scale, the clinic is open to all women and recognized by basic insurance and public health.

Humanity, excellence, kindness, non-judgment and innovation are the values ​​of our project. We advocate a comprehensive and personalized approach to the woman and the future mother, taking into account all physical, mental and emotional aspects. Although it is an emergency service, the environment was designed to be soothing, reassuring and safe. Our emphatic and attentive staff consider each patient as a unique being. The emergency service and the clinic benefit from operating theaters equipped with the latest technology. Permagyn is the emergency service for the health of women and expectant mothers. The service is located in Clinique Suisse Montreux, the first clinic entirely dedicated to women in Switzerland to welcome and care for women from all walks of life.

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What will you receive in return for your help?

You benefit from magnificent rewards while supporting a community project. You will give access to our emergencies to 10,000 women and future mothers per year in a human, warm, personalized setting.

More specifically, the money is invested in the clinic infrastructures and fittings of new premises. The money helps us acquire most needed medical equipment which is often very expensive. You can sponsor, for example, an ultrasound device or a baby’s heart measurement device or a medical bed and much more. You can also have your name written on the famous «Wall of Fame», the donor wall located in the emergency department. If your generosity is overflowing, a treatment room or the emergency entrance will bear your name in recognition of your act. Women and future mothers will thus see that your generous contribution makes it possible to carry out this magnificent project to improve their health and the reception capacity of the emergency department.

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