Why the World Match Race Tour?

On the 16th December, for the first time in its 22-year history the WMRT awarded a tour card to an all-female team to compete on the 2016 circuit.

Women’s Team on the World Match Race Tour

What is Wmrt?

The World Match Race Tour (WMRT) is the longest running, global, professional sailing series, pitting the world’s best sailors against each other in one-on-one combat style racing. Previous WMRT winners include some of sailing’s biggest stars: Sir Ben Ainslie, Russel Coutts, James Spithill and Dennis Connor.


What is a M32?

a M32 is a 32 feet carbon catamaran build in Sweden. It’s quite a physically demanding boat!


Who are the sailors?

Last year as part of Team SCA we sailed into the history books, becoming the first female team to win a leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. In 2016 we want to continue that legacy, challenging the best teams in the world in some of the fastest, physical, and most tactically demanding racing sailing has to offer. Today we have in the team Sally Barkow (USA), Annie Lush (GBR), Elodie-Jane Mettraux (SUI), Stephanie Roble (USA), Abby Ehler (GBR) and more.

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  • January-February training in Bermuda
  • 2-7 March, WMRT1 Fremantle, Australia
  • 11-18 march, training in Bermuda
  • 5-10 april, WMRT 2 Long Beach, California, USA
  • 18-23 april, WMRT 3, TBC
  • 9-15 may, WMRT 4 Copenhaguen, Denmark
  • 16-22 may, training in Scandinavia
  • 31-4 june, WMRT 5, Newport, USA
  • 6-12 june, Training in Chicago, USA
  • 4-9 july, WMRT 6 Marstrand, Sweden


In a perfect world, we would find EUR 195’000 or the same amount in USD or CHF and have all the possibilities you would dream of to be competitive. With EUR 95’000 we cover the basic costs of the campaign, and with EUR 20’000 we get to Australia for the first event!


Help us to reach our goal and participate with us for the first event of the season in Fremantle Australia, beyond a reward you will also receive our eternal gratitude!

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