World Championships Arts2022

by Bloomy

Anaheim and Cannes

Support Maëlan, 9 years old, magician, who was selected to represent Switzerland at the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood in July. On-site competitions and training.

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Participation at the World Championships of performing Arts in 2022


My name is Maëlan and I am eight years old (almost 9 ) I am a magician and I have been selected for the team that will represent Switzerland at the World Championships of Performing Arts 2022 (WCOPA) in the Hollywood area.

What is WCOPA? The best artists from more than 65 countries will get together and compete in this event created in 1995 by Griff O’Neil, former executive of the Miss Universe Pageant.

I need your help to make this dream come true! If you like magic and people who believe in their dreams, please consider supporting me in this new adventure.

Taking part in these championships will be a unique opportunity to improve, to make a name for myself, to meet new people and make my country stand out.

Going to WCOPA will also allow me to go on stage in front of a professional judging panel. I will be able to train with amazing coaches, learn from them and continue to evolve as a magician. This project’s funding is very important. That is why I am asking for your support. Even the smallest contribution would be invaluable help.

Thank you!

a once in a lifetime opportunity

Participating in these championships is a unique opportunity for me to progress, make myself known, meet great people and make our country shine!

This participation will allow me to go on stage in front of a jury of professionals, meet great coaches to train and progress, continue my development as a magician!

Travel, hotels, training,...

I have to travel with my parents, which is a significant amount. I will go to Cannes to participate in the finals of the French championships, then to Hollywood to compete in the World Championships.

During the 12 days on site, I will be able to participate in master classes and meet professionals. There is training upstream of this project which also has a cost. I will have to go to France several times to participate in training and prepare for my trip.