We've been working on our first full-length record for over a year. Now we're finally very close to finishing everything up – but we need your support to be able to pay all the expenses of the production.


The recordings are done – after countless hours in our basement studio – and the songs are now getting mixed by Alex Venguer in New York and mastered by Dan Suter in Zurich. We've put all our hearts and souls in the making of the album and we think it sounds amazing so far. Having you on board of our project would really mean a lot to us, and we can't wait to share our new music with you!

What we offer:

Every contribution counts – no matter how small or large the amount may be. Depending on your amount, you'll be getting a signed copy of the album delivered right to your home, tickets for the release-show, an exclusive hand-printed poster, a dinner served to you and your friends by us, a live-show in your living room, and much more! Additionally, we'll put up a Hall of Fame on our website containing the names and pictures of all the backers that supported us (this is optional of course, if you don't want your name and picture to show up, that's fine!).

A big thank you to everyone for your amazing support!