Wellbeing + Nature

After many years of living in Nepal and the Philippines, this Swiss-Brazilian family has decided to return to Switzerland, buy a farm in front of the lake, renovate it and open the doors for all well-being seekers. At the moment there are many volunteers working in the house, fixing the roofs, creating new spaces, preparing the yoga room, etc … In mid-July, we will start receiving guests prepared to enjoy various yoga and meditation retreats and for that, we need your support!

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A place to rest, grow and enjoy

We believe that big changes start with every person and individual, as building small communities to re-connect with our true selves and our true nature. Our beloved planet needs more people holding hands to create a better Earth. We are here in a mission of love


Help Us to make it happens!

Help us to finish the remodelation of the farmhouse, new spacious kitchen, showers, pieces of furniture and get in exchange an amazing time at the Energy School house. Marco

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