by Tír-Ná-Nóg


Travel with our debut album Yuletide from Switzerland to France, Spain, England, and Scotland. A unique sound experience with Celtic music awaits!

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Concluded on 2/8/2022

Yuletide with Tìr-Ná-Nóg

We are Tír-Ná-Nóg, which means ’land of eternal youth’ (we still dream of it!), and this is what our music evokes. We are connected by our love and deep appreciation of Celtic music.

After playing a few concerts together on various themes, we have developed and performed our most recent collaboration, the Yuletide project, which has been a great success. So we have added a few new pieces and spiced it up with our very own flair to create a beautiful CD of Celtic winter solstice, or Yuletide, music for our loyal audience.

We use music to retrace the steps of the Celts from Switzerland to France, Spain, Ireland, and England. Archaic elements from times of yore glimmer through many of the Christmas carols that have been passed down to us and can be traced like a musical red thread from country to country. We bring this cultural diversity of past times back to life to create a new sound experience for our audience.

What is in store for you?

A time for high energy and high spirits, for fun, relaxation, and also reflection… This, and more, is what our music gives to our audience, as they have told us. Our unique musical versatility is apparent in the diversity of instruments we use during our performances: violin, Celtic harp, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, cuatro guitar, and bass, as well as a wide range of percussion instruments such as the Irish bodhrán and the glockenspiel. Polyphonic singing rounds the offering for an experience rich in variety.

Why do we need your support?

We would like our debut album to be a sound experience of the highest quality. To achieve this, we need: an experienced sound engineer to pay our SUISA fees a professional CD printer All of these cost money – and this is where your support comes in. We would, of course, like to say thank you for this, and so we have prepared some unique options, from a signed CD to a special concert in your own home – take a look at our ’Thank you’ gifts on the right.