The beginning of a story

Zack Zack Zack present with their EP a debut that definitely makes you want more. One can hear that this band has what it takes to make a name for itself. (Michal Ternai, mica/Austria, 1 March 2021, translated from German)

Zack Zack Zack is Yigit Bakkalbasi and Cemgil Demirtas. We are both originally from Izmir, Turkey, currently living in Vienna, Austria. We started playing in 2019. What started off as an experimental art project that has slowly developed and taken a more refined shape. We released our first music video for «Bütün» and our debut «EP 1» in February 2021. The amazing feedback from all over the world has been truly humbling and has given us enough motivation to continue on this exciting journey! We have been featured in the cult radio programme «Diagonale» (Ö1), as well as in FM4 Soundpark, KEXP Mechanical Breakdown and other radios and DJ sets all over the world!

«From «Bütün» and «Alles was du hast» for goth and post-punk dance floors to «This Feeling» for a moody sunset, this timeless EP is underground music from around the world.» (Cold Experiment/Japan, 24 February 2021)

About the album

Our first full album will feature the five already released songs from «EP 1», as well as minimum five brand new songs. Our music is an example of a cultural melting pot just like the city of Vienna: we mix signature synthesizer sounds with traditional (oriental) instruments which creates a unique fresh sound, we sing in German, English and Turkish, and we collaborate with various artists, musicians and designers with migration background. We like to think of connecting people who might seem very different at first sight through our music and creating a community spread all over the world.


What do we need backing for?

We are trying to stay independent and do as much as possible on our own and with the precious help of our friends. But there are still a few costs involved that we have to take care of:

  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Vinyl press and distribution
  • Studio rent
  • Last but not least, we want to offer a fair compensation for collaborating souls for their time and creativity (music, design, video production, marketing, managerial support etc.)

If we raise more than the budget we would like to shoot a video for one of our songs, and even organise concerts once it is possible again!