Buy Nikola Zaric’s sculptures at the «Trient» mountain hut (3,170m) so that they remain there.

In 2014, the artist and mountaineer, Nikola Zaric (1961-2017) installed, with the authorization of the « Swiss Alpine Club»(CAS) , 2 sculptures at the «Trient» Mountain hut in Valais, Switzerland ;A Woman-hare and a wing-armed donkey-man. (casted in concrete). Since then they welcome hikers, tour skiers and climbers. They have become a part of the landscape and emblems of the mountain hut. Originally temporary, these sculptures were destined to be taken down.

Nikola Zaric, after an 8 month battle with cancer, passed away in August 2017. We were his friends; fellow artists and mountaineers . In his memory, we have organized this fundraising project to buy these sculptures from his family and offer them to the «Swiss Alpine Club» so that they remain where they are overlooking the magnificent glacier. The «Swiss Alpine Club» does not have the budget to buy art but the « Diableret Section», owners of the site, would be overwhelmed to keep these sculptures in place permanently. Each sculpture is valued at 35’000 Swiss francs. Our primary objective is to succeed in buying the «woman-hare» but we hope to reach 70’000 Swiss francs to also buy the «arm-winged donkey-man».

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Art in the Mountains

Nikola Zaric loved art, the mountains, his friends and collective projects. This project is a tribute to him in hopes that a creative synergy continues. Your contribution can help us make this project happen.

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Buy to offer, offer I memory of Nikola…

We are Nikola’s friends and we know that his wish was that his sculptures remain in the mountains. This fundraising makes it possible for everyone and anyone to participate and is a farewell that we offer him. The money collected is entirely for the purchase of the two sculptures installed since 2014 at the «Trient» Mountain hut from his family ( wife and daughter). Then we, thanks to you, will offer them to the «Swiss Alpine Club. And you will all be invited to celebrate the permanent installation of these sculptures at «Trient» in 2019! A dream come true!