Silk Spiders Underwater

Silk Spiders Underwater is gonna be Zatokrevs’ forth full-length album. It will be the first of two albums that belong together as a concept. 8 songs in about 60 min. Drums, bass and guitars were recorded at the Rec Studio in Geneva by Serge Morattel (Knut, Impure Wilhelmina, Sludge, Year Of No Light). Vocals were recorded in a rehearsal room by Glauco Ceccarelli. You may expect many new facets in the creation of Zatokrev, new shapes of songwriting, new sounds, more varations of the vocals, more dynamics and experiments. The artwork is going to be created by Max Loriot who already designed a Zatokrev T-shirt and a Neurosis/Zatokrev poster.

Raphaël Bovey will do the mix & mastering as he already did for our previous album «The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere» through which we got signed on Candlelight Records.


Why should you support us?

You may see this as a preorder of the new album and at the same time you’re supporting the production. When you’ll support us you’ll get the new CD album soon after we will hold it in our hands, which could even happen before it’s gonna be released officially. Zatokrev exists for 12 years now and somehow we were always able to record by ourselves and/or to get together enough money to produce our past records. Now we’re at a point where we are simply not able to pay the rest of the current production. Those who know us are aware of the time, effort and money we invested in this band especially through past 2 years. The show must go on and we want to get another step forward. Soon as the album will be done it will be another reason for us to tour, which increases the chance that you’re gonna see us live not too far from where you live.

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