We’re celebrating Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary & the 125th anniversary of the English Department at UZH. Readings, performances, concerts & more are promised- all are welcome!

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Was wir machen

The Zurich Shakespeare Festival 2016 (March 2016-June 2016), with renowned actor Jeremy Irons as patron, is a celebration of the great playwright and poet William Shakespeare on the occasion of his 400th death anniversary. This celebration is combined with the festivities for the 125-year anniversary of the English Department of the University of Zurich.

What we do

It is the aim of this event – organised by students of the English Seminar – to bring William Shakespeare and the Renaissance culture to Zurich. This is to be achieved through diverse events including workshops, readings, lectures, choir concerts, a Renaissance Food Fair, theatre performances and more. In this manner a diverse audience is to be reached through activities for children, teens and adults, for those already familiar with Shakespeare and those who are only getting acquainted with him and his works.

What we need

In order to organise this festival we need your support. Each event requires an entire team, be it for installing, the execution on site, or dismantling. However, not only the people on site are irreplaceable; what is going on behind the stage is just as important.

Our biggest expenses include

  • Locales
  • Rent
  • Permits
  • Decoration
  • Marketing
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Other means of advertising (TV, print media, etc.)
  • Events
  • Copyrights
  • Catering

We intend to raise CHF 1,500 through crowdfunding, which is 10% of our total (estimated) budget of CHF 15,000.

Funders can also ask for rewards for donations less than their own (e.g. funder pays $35 and asks for 1x tote bag and 1x pencil instead of 1x free pass to all readings and workshops). Goods can only be shipped within Switzerland.