«No time» or «timepressure» are very common phenomenas in modern times. But there is another way. Surf with us on the waves of time. Use the «Laws of time» for your unique «Hero's Journey».

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Successfully concluded on 9/7/2018

Free your°SELF - Get out of the hamserwheel into your life

After the successful crowdfunding last year we could produce the first limited Edition (1111 expl.) of your «Zuvuya Agenda 2018» which we could deliver not only to Switzerland, Germany and Austria, but as well to Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Israel, Japan and many more.

With this crowdfunding we want to produce the next Edition for 2019. But what is it actually all about ?

Out of the hamsterwheel into your life !

Your life°time reaches literally a new dimension with our «Zuvuya Agenda 2019», based on the wisdom of the cycles and laws of time.

Who can read and understand the «signs of time» properly is surfing on the waves of time instead of fighting them.

Another benefit is that our magical time°Compass increases the amount of «coincidences» significantly. But what if behind these «coincindences» lays a system which is sharp and works for your best if you know the «rules» («laws of time») ?

The Mayas were «Masters of the cycles of time» and therefore it was easy for them to forecast certain events.

But not only the Mayas new the secret. The famous swiss psychologist C.G. Jung discovered and explored this phenOMena as well. He called them «synchronicities», without knowing how the system works.

Imagine that every human beeing on planet earth has his unique time°line, his unique mission which provides personal growth, fullfillment and joy. Following your individual time°line (path) would awaken your fullest potential which is only waiting to be activated.

Not everyone is Picasso, Einstein or an Elon Musk. But we deeply believe that in every human being is a huge creative potential. And only discovering and sharing it will give you deepest satisfaction and joy in your life.

The sad truth is, that a lot people are still stuck in the hamsterwheel.

Lets end this poor game together ! With want to create another magical time°Compass for the next year 2019. And we want to double up to 2222 exemplars so we can even invite more people for a unique ride on the magic carpet. Are you jOining us … ?

Dear Visitor

We are creating once again a cult agenda, based on the wisdom of the mayas about the «laws of time», the time cycles and the famous «Time x Energie = ART» formula, which simply states, that every thought, word, feeling, movement of body, heart, mind is an expression of art.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have lost sight about this simple truth. Millions are stucked in the hamsterwheel and ask themselves, where the f** is the way out of this daily routine !

Although human consciousness is about to shift, never ever before in human history have such a huge amount of people, connected thru internet, engaged for a better world. And for our personal development we do yoga, meditation, conscious breathing and spend money for good projects.

But it looks, that something is still missing !

From a galactic perspective, which the mayas definitely had, we are still lost in «artificial time», made by watches, machines and other devices which pretend to «show» us the time ! But actually, they only show us - in the best case - the duration of time which has passed … mostly not really used for our spiritual evolution but just for exchange of our very precious lifetime in order to get some money at the end of the month to pay the bills, taxes, food and … hopefully some holidays, we need to recover from this modern fOrm of slavery.

But, the mayas knew - because they were Masters of Time (Traveling) - that every issue / problem, which we - as an individual or collective - do not solve, will return like a boOMerang, precisely orchestered by the the laws (cycles) of time.

So they knew, that around this time we live in - the change of era and prevailing of a new paradigm - we will have «some» nice problems ! Like wars, aggression, corruption in politics, business, enviromental destruction and many more !

So they left their whole wisdom carved in stones in whole middle america, exactly to be discovered in the time we live in.

Our «Zuvuya Agenda» is based on their calendars, wisdom and our own years-long experiences as «time surfers«, or as we call it «zuvuya surfers» (explanation in the pitch video).

So please donate for our project and we guarantee you ONE year EXPERIENCE you never had before !

Our agenda gives you daily information how to seize the day optimally and how to unleash your own soul potential. But this is just the start. If you think that time-travel, quantum-jumping and dimensional-changes are possible, then you are just at the right place !

But first step first ! We need the 20’000$ for producing the 2nd limited edition of our agenda. And even if the introduction text is written in german, the galactic maya signs are universal and talk to you anyway. And we will give you access for free online webinars from our friends from the foundation of the law of times.

So please JOIN our galactic mission to bring JOY, PEACE and EXCITEMENT back into the life of human beeings !

In this sense : in lak’ech maya greeting - i am another you u.r.s. jOsé white electric wizard

If you need more information about the whole subject, please visit the «law of time foundation» website, where you even can book free online courses to transfOrm yourself and your perception of time !

Engage your°SELF with this unique & collective time experiment

«The more - the merrier»

Therefore support our aim for a peacefull and highly creative future for all of us. Our «Zuvuya Agenda 2019» is the first stone in a chain we throw in the water to produce some harmonic waves which we can ride together …

Thru magical synchronisation like-minded people find together, share their stories, experiences and wisdom. This creates new «time°potentials» which we can bring into life together.

The Mayas left all of their wisdom («laws of time») in their stone pyramids. Are you ready to take on their heir ?

Please share this informations with your friends, your parents, your lovely sisters and brothers, your nighbours and yes, even with your cat. Animals by the way are ALWAYS in «real time» (here and now). They may assist you on this magical trip :-)

We thank you deeply and greet you like the ancient maya did …

In lak’ech  I am another you u.r.s. jOsé elektrOMagier (Weisser elektrischer Magier) Martin Alexander Moser gelber Stern Onaquel Herbas gelber Same Tanja  

Why we need your support !

Like in the first year we really, really want to produce not only a book or an agenda. What we create is a magical navigation tool which guides you thru the upcoming year 2019. We use best paper, so you can write and draw on it. Even watercolor is possible. The cover will be a gold emboss and on every page there will be some gold-color to remind you daily, how precious you and your life is.

After the first year there was almost nothing left (financially) for our engaged team. But if we manage to produce 2222 exemplars with your support, our team will have something to celebrate at the end of 2018. And, thats a promisse for the future : The bigger part of the profit will flow back into the project to grow and sustain itself.