Zwischendrin [InBetween]

by Stina Setri Glover


Through whose body do you see? In addressing the challenge of white feminism, this fictional short film explores the construction of reality(ies) based on corporeality.

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Help us make new perspectives visible!

In white feminist discourses, «woman» is often assumed as a singular entity. But who is this one woman? With the aim of contributing to a more inclusive feminist movement, the idea for my short film «In Between» was born. I have felt in between all my life. I am convinced that through my body, perceived as Black and female in society, I offer a perspective on society that is only accessible to a few people. With the help of my team – of young, enthusiastic filmmakers from various disciplines – I aim to make our perspectives, experiences, and my knowledge from studying Gender Studies accessible to a wide audience through the medium of film. We believe that by distributing this film, we can create spaces for constructive discussion and engagement with notions of bodies, gender, and intersectionality.

What is special about our project?

Many artistic projects are currently exploring the question of womanhood. We tell our stories from new perspectives.

  • Unique perspectives and challenges of the status quo: «In Between» is more than just a film project – it’s an artistic exploration of the complex themes of feminism, racism, and identity. By contrasting the perspectives of a white woman and a Black woman, traditional narrative structures are deconstructed and new, urgently needed narratives are created.

  • Inclusivity and diversity: Our film embodies the values of inclusivity and diversity not only in its content but also in it’s creation. With a team from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we create a platform for authentic portrayals and varied perspectives.

  • Awareness and societal change: «In Between» acts as a catalyst for social change. Through our artistic portrayal of complex social issues, we spark discussions and lay the groundwork for shifts in society. Our goal is to cultivate awareness and gracefully invite individuals to perceive society through alternative bodies and lenses, using the medium of film.

Why we need your support!

To ensure our message reaches as wide an audience as possible, we need your support! Our team of dedicated and passionate filmmakers is investing time and energy into this project to bring its message to life. Your donation will ensure that each team member’s valuable contributions are recognized and that production costs, equipment, and location rentals are covered. Additionally, your support will enable us to implement a professional marketing and distribution strategy, maximizing the film’s impact. Every contribution strengthens the voices of the underrepresented and drives forward societal dialogue. Thank you for your support and dedication!