This year we celebrate 10 years of musical passion! Join us in discovering, or reliving, the Barber of Seville in an evening full of music thirsty conviviality and regional flavours.

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2018 marks a decade of joy and music!

Since its creation in 2009, volunteers of our organisation have been pursuing the challenge of making Lyrical Art accessible to all through collaboration with new artists and by promoting cultural life in rural areas. Opéra Soleil supports young professional singers in close partnership with establishments such as the Atelier Lyrique de l’Opéra de Paris, Opéra Bastide de Bordeaux, the Centre d’Art Lyrique de la Méditerranée de Nice, production company Chants de Garonne, as well as the beautiful viticultural region where Opéra Soleil is rooted.

This August 7th will mark ten years of sharing our thirst for music together.

To celebrate this wonderful anniversary, we need your support.

Delight your ears and celebrate on August 7th with us!

We draw our energy from our musical passion and the abundance of the beautiful Occitane region to offer you a production of quality and to share our love of music and the art of regional cuisine. We will adorn August 7th in the magnificent opera, the Barber of Seville preceded by a musical reception in preparation for the main event. The show will be followed by a meal in collaboration with our local wine merchants. For this we call on your musical heart and your generosity. The Program : Tuesday, August 7th

6 pm, opening (Rossini quartets)

7pm the Barber of Seville performed by the company Chants de Garonne and its instrumental ensemble.

The show will be followed by appetizers from local winemakers and dinner under the planes.

Your help is crucial!

Such a production can only be done with a significant amount of support. The numerous volunteers who give their time, ideas and commitments are very dear to us. We are nevertheless dependent on public funds and private donations. For this exceptional anniversary, we solicit all possible support to make this event a great cultural festival. Your donations will finance the artists’ fees, their accommodation, the decor and transportation of the instruments. Our tokens of appreciation for your support were designed in a spirit of gratitude and exchange, with the aim of sharing this celebration with you.