La Placette is celebrating its 10th birthday! A catalog recounting the 111 first exhibitions will be published to mark this anniversary.

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111 La Placette – The catalog

To celebrate its 10 years of existence, La Placette would like to edit a catalog honoring our guest-artists and help spread their work. This crowdfunding campaign’s goal is to support the publication of the catalog and the cultural activities of La Placette in general. The publication will offer a look back at the 111 exhibitions that have been presented monthly since 2004.

The content of the catalog aims to reflect La Placette’s philosophy: accessible and synoptic. It is introduced by a brief text presenting La Placette, and then, chronologically, retracing the 111 past exhibitions with the generic information (date, name of the artist, name of his work of art) and photographs to illustrate each exhibition.

Graphics and photography

For every exhibition, Nicolas Delaroche, a photographer renowned for his documentary work for many Swiss art spaces, has provided photographic archives. The editing work is done by the designer Aurèle Sack, specialized in editorial design.

Technical Data

The catalog’s format reflects La Placette’s style: audacious but very readable. In 16x24cm, the catalog comprises 256 blown paper pages. A removable cover in colored and silkscreened plastic is provided to mitigate the preciousness of the book. The images will be printed with a coarse weave in quadrichromy and the text in black to increase readability. Aurèle Sack’s own AS Blond font will be used throughout the book. At last, so as to rhythm the catalog, photographs will appear in either spread other as smaller items when showing detail of an exhibit.


Distribution of the La Placette catalog will be done in collaboration with Lausanne based publishing house art&fiction, specialized in art publications and exhibition catalogs.


La diffusion du catalogue de La Placette se fera en collaboration avec la maison lausannoise d’édition art&fiction, spécialisée dans la diffusion de publications d’art et de catalogues d’exposition.