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Description of the project

First of all, the «17 shots in a box» project was initiated by Near and Grussformat, an association and an editor, the vocation of which is to support the Swiss photography and to participate in its broadcasting.

This end of year 2015, we decided to launch a new collection of photogrpahs (postcard format), to put forward the works of the photographers members of Near.

This first limited edition (500 copies) will be constituted by 17 images put together in a homemade crafted box. «17 shots in a box» intended to be an object allying design and sobriety for every amateur of contemporary image, for every compulsive collector, for every enthusiast of decoration, for everyone who looks for a quality present for his/her stepmother, his/her cousin, his/her uncle of Aargau, etc.

Why supporting us?

Near is a non-profit organization. Our funds allow us to cover a part of the project, but unfortunately not its completeness. We thus need your support, to be able to launch this first edition, which will be, we hope for it, the first of further annual editions.

Selected artists

Léonore Bau, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Sophie Brasey, Roberto Greco, Sophie Hugenot, Olivier Lovey, Gian Paul Lozza, Brigitte Lustenberger, Mathilde Magnée, Murielle Michetti, Caroline Neulas, Lucas Olivet, Véronique Portal, Laurence Rasti, Diego Saldiva, Dom Smaz, Fabian Unternährer.

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Presentation of Near

Near was founded in Lausanne in 2009 and aims to promote contemporary photography. The association organizes activities around four main objectives: to promote and disseminate the work of Swiss and Switzerland-based photographers for both confirmed talents and young artists; to enable cultural exchanges between regions and among professionals in the field of photography (artists, historians, critics, curators, journalists and editors); to actively contribute to critical thinking on the subject of contemporary photography; and finally to help increase exposure of Swiss photography to a wider audience.

Near organizes among other things exhibitions, screenings, interviews, conferences and gatherings between professionals ; the association also publishes a monthly newsletter, Next, and numerous editorial projects ; NEAR operates a website which offers a multidisciplinary platform and artist portfolios.

Presentation of Grussformat

Grussformat is a project initiated by Samuel Wolf and Gaël Hugo in 2014. On this on-line platform, they propose a service of high-quality postcards printing, as well as the Edition Grussformat, which is a collection of contemporary artists images. The latter are also distributed in cultural institutions, such as Fotomuseum to Winterthur, Museum für Gestaltung / Schaudepot in Zurich and the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne.

Samuel Wolf is a graphic designer and an art director. He’s created the Wolf Studio, which is based in Zurich. Gaël Hugo is a creative director and a designer of interaction. He teaches for several years at the Cantonal School of Art of Lausanne (ecal) and lives in Paris.