Who we are

We are GINMAKU Japanese Film Festival a brand new festival based in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2014 the very first GINMAKU Japanese Film Festival took place at Cinema Houdini in Zurich. Due to the fire accident at the cinema in Feb. 2015, we are back this year with double more films than the 1st year!

When is the festival?

April 14 – 17, 2016 at Cinema Houdini in Zurich

About the festival

GINMAKU means Film in old Japanese, a title chosen out of reverence to the great pioneers of Japanese film. We aim to uncover new talent in the Japanese film industry through this festival, develop and grow together, and promote the cultural exchange between Switzerland and Japan.

Film Lineup – All purely made in Japan!

  1. Opening Film: Oyster Factory  
  2. Tokyo Sunrise* 
  3. August in Tokyo
  4. Fires On the Plain
  5. Sayonara
  6. Three Stories of Love*
  7. When I Was Most Beautiful*
  8. OKINAWA: The Afterburn*
  9. The Whispering Star*
  10. Under the Cherry Tree*
  11. Tama Gra Kodomo-Anime*
  12. Closing Film: Surprise Screening *SWISS / EUROPEAN PREMIERE 

Special Guests from Japan

What do we need money for?

It will go toward our Japanese guests for their expenses in Switzerland, shipping cost for the films. We would like to make our guest’s stay in Switzerland nice and comfortable.

Thank you for bringing our festival to life!