This beautifully illustrated children's book will feature 50 inspiring Swiss women from the past and present. It will celebrate Swiss women from all different backgrounds from all around the country.

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Swiss women are amazing

Spies, activists, entrepreneurs, entertainers, politicians, athletes, midwives, mothers…Swiss women are daring, ingenious, and brave. But do kids know all that?

Now they will.

50 Amazing Swiss Women: True Stories You Should Know About features inspiring biographies of extraordinary Swiss women from the past and present alongside stunning portraits by Mireille Lachausse.

50 Amazing Swiss Women will be published on 7 February 2021: the 50th anniversary of Swiss women gaining the right to vote in national elections.

Kids need inspiring modern role models

A celebration of the diversity of Swiss women, this book includes something for every child. Whether it be science or sociology, art or activism, kids will discover women who have excelled in every field.

The book features some of Switzerland’s best known women, such as Ruth Dreifuss, the first female Swiss president, or prominent suffragette Emilie Gourd. But it also introduces less-known extraordinary Swiss women such as motorcycle racer Margrit Rusterholz or stunt woman Petra Sprecher.

Help bring Amazing Swiss Women to girls and boys

Our authors are out searching Switzerland for inspiring Swiss women. Writing a biography means hours of research and writing. For contemporary women, as much as possible, our authors try to meet and interview their subjects. For historical women, our authors gather books, articles, and clips to gain a better understanding of each woman’s world. Your contribution means that they can continue this work and have a small part of their time compensated.

We want as many girls and boys as possible to know about these amazing Swiss women! That means we hope to publish this book in English, German and French to reach a broader range of kids. Your contribution will allow us to fund the translation and printing of these books.