What is it?

A-dash is an artistic project happening in Athens, Greece. We are restoring an archetypal neo-classical Athenian house; one of hundreds in the city that are slowly disappearing to ruin.

A-dash wants to encourage experimental, investigative and innovative approaches related to a spectrum of artistic fields: visual art – moving image – music – design – architecture.

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Our ambition

To establish a non-profit artist initiative run collaboratively, with a strong focus on the crossing of borders between:

Geographical locations / Cultural identities / Political economies / Craft – new technologies / Creative disciplines

We will reflect on the sociological issues of our time through a diverse program of exhibitions – film screenings – lectures – workshops – symposiums – talks – other events.

The Project Space

  • one that acts as a catalyst for forms of artistic expression; a creative dialogue that will infuse social, economic, cultural, technological and environmental exchanges.
  • one that functions as an experimental lab where people from a spectrum of fields – art, design, architecture, music etc. – create debate and discussions, exchange ideas and instigate events.
  • one that is democratically-orientated; a space in which to interrogate and investigate the sociological issues of the area and of the wider unstable political ecology of our time.
  • one that is polymorphic; one where the «exhibition» space, the «studio» and the surrounding environments are interchangeable.
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The Community

  • an emphasis placed upon continuous exchanges with the local community; establishing and developing workshops, events and happenings that promote public autonomy.
  • an arena within which the local community play an active role in shaping and energizing the space’s initiatives; giving rise to both collective and independent societal voices, thoughts and ideas.
  • shifting attitudes; to dismantle predetermined notions of art-making/production and its audiences by establishing a platform that strives to make the «artist» and «the public» synonymous.
  • to carve out channels that act as an interchanging link between multiple geographical, technological and cultural «sites», both in Athens and internationally.
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A–dash is the bridge between two words, the line between A and B, a space between things, it connects without defining. an interstice. a transition. a dialogue.

The A-dash team

We need you to make this possible!

Your support will go towards:

  • 50% House renovation: Electricity-Plumbing-Paint-Roof insulation
  • 30% Material costs for: Exhibitions-Film screenings-Lectures-Workshops
  • 5% Maintenance of the house
  • 5% Unforeseen costs
  • 10% Fundraising costs (wemakeit.com charges 10% in total)

The costs are estimated to cover a two year project timeframe.

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From 500 euros, you will receive:

– a 2 night free stay in an Athenian apartment (double-bedroom) – a private tour of the A-dash project space, plus a tour of a secret space in Athens.

From 1000 euros, you can receive:

– a 2 night free stay in an Athenian apartment (double-bedroom) – a private tour of the A-dash project space – a print/poster especially made by one of the A-dash collaborators. – a hand-crafted ceramic A-dash cup.

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