In the wealthiest country in the world

Burkina Faso is one of the wealthiest countries in the world: 68 different ethnic groups, each with their own languages, music, traditional dances, masks and customs, live together here peacefully. Unfortunately, the state cultural funding doesn’t reach as far south of the country as to the city of Banfora. The inhabitants of this cultural gem yet to be discovered remain patient and courageous although left to their own devices. This is where we come in and help: By creating a festival for music and culture there will finally be some acknowledgement of the importance of the cultural tradition and wealth in the region – the local produce can be proudly presented to the world. Without question, one day there will be the likes of Mozart or Jackson coming from Banfora conquering the world! When wealth and prosperity are found right at your doorstep, there is no longer a need to migrate to wealthier regions. In Banfora, such resources can still be found: time by the ton and space for miles and miles.

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Our Festival SACULBA

The musicians, dancing performers and storytellers participating in the festival will be invited as artist in residence, meaning that they will receive board and lodging as well as a modest fee. For the traditional village musicians, who all their lives have performed for free as a service to their community, this comes close to a miracle and will generate dreams. On the one hand, they will become more aware of their importance as traditional folkloric performers. On the other hand, it might even give impetus to more professional cultural structures. The ultimate goal is to turn the festival into such an attraction that it will gather people from all over the world. Its purpose is to promote cultural tourism and also to create a counter-movement to migration flows toward Western parts of the world. With the money attributed to the festival various areas of the economic life will be invigorated and thus create paid jobs. Leaving a lasting impression on the participants by jointly experiencing the «l’esprit de partage musicale» is what makes this festival so unique. With professional guidance, the festival audience will set up a collective stage performance consisting of dancing, drumming, singing and storytelling. International interest in the local Burkinabe culture will have a positive effect on preventing the endangered cultures of Burkina Faso from disappearing.

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This is what we need your financial support for:

  1. Means to cover for board and lodging for the invited local and international musicians (about 120 persons) during one week before the festival starts (workshops and preparation of a collective stage performance) as well as during the 3 days of the festival.
  2. Fees for musicians and workshop leaders.
  3. Means for material, tools and instruments, among others for the following workshops: building balafons, resonators and drums.
  4. Financial means in order to prepare the venue and festival centre «La Maison de Jeunes» for the event with the assistance of the festival audience.
  5. T-shirts, posters and publicity.

We make it - «A Festival for Banfora» summer tour of the percussion group «ZUSSAMBALAN» (Zurich/Burkina Faso), in collaboration with local singers from the Räphügel and Intergalaktischer choirs. Come along and have a listen! For performance dates and venues see below.

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