A journey for life

Since its rebellion in 1994, the Zapatista movement from Chiapas (Mexico) has inspired social-ecological struggles worldwide. Their uprising is directed against exploitation, exclusion, racism and oppression of the indigenous and rural population, as well as against environmental destruction and militarization. In contrast, the Zapatistas are successfully building rebellious, autonomous structures in areas including health, education, self-governance, gender justice, production and justice.

The Zapatista maritime delegation disembarked on Carril Beach on June 23, 2021, after more than 50 days at sea. This is the exact place where, more than 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus’ caravel La Pinta returned to announce the «discovery» of what we now call the Americas.

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This fall they come to Basel!

This summer, a delegation of Zapatistas and other indigenous and resistant organizations from Mexico will visit Europe for three months. 75% of the 160 people are expected to be women and dissidencias (FINTA*). At the same time, paramilitary attacks on Zapatista communities are intensifying again. Between October and December 2020, the EZLN issued six communiqués. The occasion is August 13, the day of the colonization of Mexico, which will be the 500th anniversary this year.

At the end of August this year, a caravan of the ’Gira por la vida - Journey for Life’ is expected to arrive in Basel and pitch its tents for a few days. This opportunity for networking, exchange of experiences & knowledge is unique!

***Please keep the days from 25.08.-31.08.21 free!

On these days we will oppose the global exploitation of people and nature with music and joy, but also with determination and solidarity. We will dedicate ourselves to topics like the Swiss multinationals in the global south, the migrant resistance, food sovereignty, the council system, to name a few examples.

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For this we need your support

A broad alliance of people from diverse social movements has come together share the responsibility for the infrastructure for these days. In the financing of:

  • Infrastructure (rent of tents, kitchen, etc.)
  • catering for our guests
  • mobilization material and to be able to welcome other movements at the camp we need your support.

In the run-up to and at the camp, various educational & informational events will be offered and we look forward to a lively participation from all of you.

Through the news of this project you will receive the most important information about the camp first hand and we are already looking forward to welcoming you all in Basel at the end of August.

(Since the trip has some planning uncertainties, it may also not be possible for the delegation to come to Basel at short notice. The camp would still be held for networking purposes. If the money donated here would not be entirely used then it would be donated to the Zapatista Movement. Pre-financing of the project is provided by friendly movements and individuals.)

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