What happens if all the models in a fashion magazine wear the same outfit? A passing thought accelerated into reality. Here is a chance to see a glossy magazine shaken up, stripped back and laid bare.

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White t-shirt and blue jeans

The project A March Issue is a remake of British Vogue March 2018 – cover to cover – replacing every image in the magazine with people wearing white t-shirt and blue jeans. The archetype of modern clothing; White t-shirt and blue jeans is the canvas for rethinking the glossy magazine and analyzing its features. A critical yet playful approach to the portrayal of fashion and people in mainstream fashion media. A study of every movement and gesture in the original magazine re-contextualized in the framework of a modern uniform, choice reduction and fashion detoxing.

Glossy, glamorous and full of promises.

Fashion magazines such as Vogue have a wide audience. We think that the results of this experiment deserve to have the chance to be shared with anyone who has ever held a glossy fashion magazine in their hands. Our remake of Vogue is a look into the underlying structures of fashion publishing and offers an honest, direct and relatable reflection on the poses and the people portrayed. By removing the ’fashion’ from a fashion magazine what is left? Have a look through ’A March Issue’ and judge for yourself.

What we need and what you get

The content and design of ’A March Issue’ is nearly done, but to make it real and share it we need to fund the production of the magazine. We need help raising the money to print and bind 500 copies of this 372 page magazine. Support us by pre-ordering ’A March Issue’ at cost price and receive a magazine fresh from the press. Help us to share our idea with as many people as possible. Have a look at the right side of this page and (fingers crossed) pre-order a magazine. We also have white t-shirts with ’A March Issue’ labels! Thank you so much!