A N I M A - heroines' journeys

Like Phoenix from the Ashes: I composed a cycle of songs at a time, when all foundations of my life were lost in one single moment. The 13 songs trace the powerful journey from my personal apocalypse to a radiant new beginning. These 13 songs now weave a fabric of sound & poetry to ANIMA´s album - a journey AND a roadmap of transformation. Embedded in a skin tickling world of sound, the lyrics tell the story of the emotional ups and downs of the young heroine on her path. The work not only transcends genres, but also generations: based on my compositions, the young producer duo Oszillator (Benedikt Meschik & Max McManus) designs unique soundscapes accompanied by contemporary beats.

The magic in their creations is the use of organic materials mixed with electronically generated sounds. Together with orchestral and choral elements, their electronic landscapes build the springboard for ANIMA’s voice. Pop in a unconventional guise.

The album is produced by Oszillator, myself (under the producer name «Elf») and Heidi Bobal as recording engineer. The high musicality of all artists involved makes the ANIMA album a high-end production.

Inspired by the premiere of the Vienna State Opera «L’Incoronazione Di Poppea», like Monteverdi (a musical revolutionary of his time), I feel confirmed in my intention to tread bold, perhaps even revolutionary paths with ANIMA, musically and content wise. ANIMA artistic vision is supported by a strong team of amazing artists: Ariana McManus - Graphic Design, Soleil Jean-Marain - Dance, Shyam Jones - Video Art, Mael Blau - Costumes, Vesna Tusek - Set Props & Accessories, Marion Kunst - Web Design.

The ANIMA team has already successfully realized a joint production, «JazzPeriments»: the adaptation of the title NAIMA (John Coltrane) has won numerous international awards (i.e.: best music video 2020, Toronto Women in Film Festival & best music video 2020 Indo Global Film Festival, best costume Best Music Video Award London)

A N I M A - a vision for humanity

Despite several attempts, the album could not be realized in the past few years. Stunningly enough, just with the outbreak of Corona, the perfect team found itself to bring Anima’s message to the world.

From today’s perspective, the obstacles of the past make perfect sense: as we are, just now, globally facing huge challenges where previous foundations seem to crumble, it is ANIMA’s vision that we as humanity, rise from the ashes - like Phoenix. This very situation holds the potential to leave outdated paradigms, overcome division and take part in creating powerful new beginnings.


This is what ANIMA needs your support for

In order to bring this album into full realization, we need your support! With two tracks in pole position, we’ve already started the producing process.

With your support we finance:

  • Our producer duo Oszillator / 13 tracks ready produced
  • Additional high-end soloists (trumpet, cello, violin, viola…)
  • Recording studio rental: vocal production

How YOU can support ANIMA

You can support ANIMA anonymously with a freely chosen amount or by buying one of our super cool goodies. We truly gave it a lot of thought to come up with various empowering surprises for you. There’s some really hot stuff!

If you cannot contribute financially in this very moment, we totally understand. We happily receive your support by you spreading the word and sharing our project on your social media. This is just as amazing!

We deeply thank you for your contribution ♥

May you find inspiration, a hopeful vision, encouragement and a roadmap for your personal liberation in ANIMA’s music.

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