Only voices, no instruments?

That’s right, everything you hear is completely vocal, with Voxset’s 4 singers, 2 beatboxers and a human bass! You’ve got it, we love to take current and old songs, and reinterpret them in our own way, without any instruments.

And it works?

If we bear in mind the fact that we’ve existed for almost ten years, that we do dozens of concerts a year, that we’ve taken part in numerous TV and radio programmes and that our new show has been very successful, then we can say yes! We’re fortunate to have built up and kept a large following, which continues to grow… if you need some proof, watch one of our videos on Youtube or, even better, come along to one of our concerts.


Why record a second CD?

We published our first CD «Attritubes» in 2012. Since then, there’s been a new show and new songs, and both our fans and Voxset would like to keep a record of this. A CD is not just a series of songs that we listen to, it’s the whole experience which the group has lived through which we would like to immortalize in the studio.

Why ask for support through a crowdfunding platform?

What is important to remember is that we are professionals who make a living through music. As putting together and producing a CD is expensive and time-consuming, the crowdfunding solution allows us to move forward with the project, whilst staying in control of the most important part: the content. Furthermore, it enables you, as a fan, to actively participate in one of our projects and thus follow its development step by step until completion.


What will you do with the money raised?

Holidays!!!! No, of course not. Every franc raised will be split into the different stages required for creating the CD: hiring the recording studio, the sound engineer, the album design, the photo shoot and the physical production of the CD. In order to limit the budget as much as possible, all of the singers have committed to rehearsing and recording the songs free of charge. The money raised will therefore serve solely to continuing the Voxset adventure and moving towards new horizons.

And afterwards?

Afterwards, pure bliss! Firstly, for you, our generous fans and donators, who will be able to have a keepsake of the concert you have perhaps attended, and for us, of course, who will have a new «baby» to present on stage, to the media and on the internet. This CD, once available on all of the downloadable platforms, will be a wonderful promotional tool which will open new doors for us and enable us to sing in new places.

Thank your for your support!