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This is what it's all about.

Aramis and Carlos, themselves passionate circus artists, dreamed of teaching children in their own circus in Havana, Cuba. It should be independent to ensure artistic freedom. So they founded the Cirabana Circus nine years ago. They had no money, no premises, but they did not let that stop them, and they simply trained the children in various private homes. Later then in a park. When it rained the lessons were canceled. In peace they could not train here. Since last October they have a permanent home - the old «Majestic», an old theater, you can still see how beautiful it once was. The «Majestic» was a comedy theater in 1919, was turned into a cinema in 1936 and had to close in the 90s, in the so-called «Special Period». Recently there was a carpenter in the building. The circus company got a lease in October 2017 for the next 10 years. They had to clean up for a month and then opened the door in November 2017. Their dream has grown. Aramis and Carlos now teach 40 children and adolescents every day and together with Joel they organize a performance almost every weekend. The shows are well attended as the kids show great performances. Unfortunately, the roof in the «Majestic» is leaking. In Havana it can come to torrential rain, which sets the building under under water, with a leaky roof quickly. Especially in the so-called hurricane season, old buildings are threatened by collapse.

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My project is special because ...

Aramis (circus director), Carlos (circus director) and Joel (production manager), put an impressive amount of energy and passion into this project (volunteer). Every day from 5 to 8 pm they train the younger children and from 5 to 10 pm they train the youngsters. At the weekend they have numerous performances. Many of the parents who live further away, take their children to the «Majestic» and wait at the door until class is over. Travel time in full buses of up to 1.5 hours. Every day of the week. The importance of the circus for the children is obvious. The parents help with the costumes. All are inventive to promote renovations and repairs without financial resources. So Joel came once with an engine from an old washing machine into the «Majestic». For hours they tinkered the engine to a very old fan, which was still in the «Majestic». After 3 hours, the fan then blew cold air through the hot room.

This is what I need backing for.

Aramis, Carlos and Joel showed me the holes in the roof. «It’s raining in here, it’s destroying the building.» Renovating the entire theater is a big project yet to come. The most important thing now, and the first step– is the roof. The repairs are also important to protect the building from further deterioration. It shall ensure that the company has a steady place to practise. For the children, the circus company is so much more than just a «hobby».

Your money will be used for building material costs for the roof. The progress and the final result will be reported by Aramis, Carlos and Joel on the Cirabana blog: http://cirabanacircusoficial.cubava.cu/

Their dream is to create a place where they can not only train the kids but later holding a circus shows as well. Let’s help to realize their dream!

We are grateful for any support!

And of course: Everyone who supported them is warmly welcomed to visit the company…. if you are in Havana :)

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