aCentauri Solar Racing is an electrifying newcomer at ETH Zurich! We are building a solar racing car to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) in Australia in October 2023.

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Successfully concluded on 16/11/2023

We made it!By aCentauri Solar Racing, on 31/10/2023

Thank you to everyone for your incredible support throughout our project! We not only reached our crowdfunding goal but also successfully completed the race.

For a team that didn’t exist just 60 weeks ago, this is a monumental achievement. Among the 38 teams that embarked on this journey, we are one of only 12 that managed to accomplish this remarkable feat.

The final two days of the race went incredibly smoothly. We continuously improved the car’s efficiency each day. On the last day, we were able to maintain an average speed of 75km/h. These were undeniably the best days of our race, largely due to improved weather conditions. We encountered just one issue with the steering on the final day and some traffic challenges in Adelaide, but we made it with a mere 17 minutes left on the clock.

This remarkable experience became possible thanks to our sponsors and the incredible support of people like you! We are tremendously grateful.

Furthermore, we’ve decided to extend our goals, aiming to compete in the 2025 BWSC. With this added support, the next team will have a head start in their pursuit of a top 5 finish in the upcoming competition.

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support.

aCe Team! aCe Ziel! aCe the Race!

Third and Fourth Day of the BWSCBy aCentauri Solar Racing, on 25/10/2023

We’re edging closer to the finish line in Adelaide with every passing day, currently clocking in at 1947 kilometers out of the 3021-kilometer-long race.

The last two days have been quite a rollercoaster. Aletsch has been a star performer, but the weather hasn’t always been on our side. On the third day, the sky was blanketed by clouds and smoke from nearby bushfires, which meant we had to tap into our battery reserves to reach the 5th control stop in Alice Springs.

Then came probably the most critical day of the competition. Starting from Alice Springs with a near-empty battery, we had to tackle a 100-meter uphill stretch in less-than-ideal weather conditions. It seemed like a formidable task until, against the odds, we reached the sunny summit and began our descent towards Adelaide. Perhaps the sun dance performed by some of our team members played a role in our good fortune.

As of now, we’ve conquered two-thirds of the entire race – an achievement that has left each one of us pleasantly surprised and overjoyed. Tomorrow, we’re setting our sights on Glendambo, and come Friday, we’ll be heading for the finish line in Adelaide.

In the last two days, we’ve also gained tremendous support for our project. To all our new backers, welcome to the team, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible support!

aCe Team! aCe Ziel! aCe the Race!

First two days of the BWSCBy aCentauri Solar Racing, on 23/10/2023

After a two-week-long preparation in Darwin NT with all the other teams at the Hidden Valley Race Track, we have finally started the BWSC!

We are extremely happy with the performance of our car! On the first day, however, we had some issues with the toe angle of our car. The toe angle is the angle at which the two front wheels stand to each other. Being off by just one degree made us lose quite a lot of efficiency and ended up with a blown tire at the end of the day. We were very lucky that this incident occurred in the end of the race day to not lose valuable time and especially that we could avoid damage to either the car or the driver.

We camped right next to the Stuart Highway in the Outback. On the next day, we could drive 30% more efficiently, thanks to our mechanics crew that fixed the angle during the night. Our drive was smooth and constant with just some minor difficulties with two other teams.

We are 986km in and on course to finish the race! This would be a huge achievement for a newly founded team.

For some more detailed updates please go to our Instagram page @acentauri_solarracing.

This amazing experience is only possible because of people like you who support us and for that, we thank you very much!

aCe Team! aCe Ziel! aCe the Race!