AD INFINITUM – 1st album

by Melissa Bonny


If your mind can see what your eyes don’t show you, if your heart can hear what your ears never dare to whisper, this album will project you into another era.
A real jewel of symphonic power metal!

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Successfully concluded on 14/1/2019


For a long time, I had the desire of creating an album that sounds 100% me. After many months of research and composition, I am proudly presenting Ad Infinitum!

In details

Ad Infinitum is a powerful mix of symphonic metal and power metal, associating with delicacy the beauty and the magic of symphonic orchestrations to the might of metal riffs. A sweet cocktail that will trasport you into a parallel universe!


Alone? Not really. I have the pleasure to collaborate with talented artists. Each of them gives a spoonful of magic to the album. Among them, Oliver Philipps, German producer known for his work with Delain, Phantasma, Imperia… And Timo Somers, guitarist of Delain!

Other guests might join the party ;-)

Why should you help this project?

My goal is to deliver a beautiful and interesting album. For this, I gathered a professional team (producer, musicians, graphic designer, cameraman & editor). Your contribution will help me financing the costs of:

  • production
  • recordings
  • mix and mastering
  • artwork (album cover and booklet, promotional designs)
  • videos
  • order of physical copies of the album, t-shirts and other items (merchandising)

The estimated cost of the entire project is CHF 20,000.-. The aim of this campaign is to pay the production and the recording costs (CHF 10,000.-) in priority. The rest of the budget represents the cost of the mix, the mastering, two videos and merchandising.

All the physical rewards will be sent upon the album release.

I hope that you will find something you like on this page! Thank you very much, see you on the road!