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We met Melissa during an Halloween eve at Excalibur in Bossonens. We never miss any of her initiatives and strongly support them. Her talent together with friendliness, courage and the way she drives her career is simply amazing. Bravo Melissa and we stay tuned!
I found Melissa on You Tube doing her Liar Liar Kamelot cover and have been following her ever since. I really liked the Evenmore Last Ride release a lot but don’t dig the Rage of Light material as much personally. Bottom line is that she is beautiful and a phenomenal singer that is going to wind up making it big somewhere with someone at some point during her journey and I will be quite proud to have said I was a part of that «back in the early days». The song and video promoting this release was top notch and I really wish you the best in meeting or exceeding your goal with it. Just don’t forget your USA fans when you start hitting the road!! \m/
When Floor Jansen was in After Forever, I wondered why she wasn’t any bigger. She then got into Nightwish and became huge in the international metal scene. I think Melissa is on that path also, she has a gorgeous and powerful voice, and an amazing presence. I want to be one of the people who supports her, and I’m encouraging all my friends to do so also. With love from the United States of America.