adapter for art and culture

  1. adapter is an Opel Blitz (1975) with a multifunctional structure. It can serve the purpose of a stage or an information/ action platform as well as an exhibition venue.
  2. adapter, the purpose of which is to foster the intermediation of contemporary art and to present it in a professional manner, can be perceived as a spatial extension of various project- and exhibition venues. Through this medium not only can individual institutions extend their venues but also, if need be, they will be able to connect to other areas within their region and even beyond that region. In this way, current art events can be transported beyond the borderlines, which will engage not only the interested parties but also those who are not necessarily into culture. Our goal is to launch adapter in the year 2014 and to operate it to full capacity for the benefit of various kinds of users in the field of culture and arts.
  3. adapter does not work in a profit-oriented manner but rather works on a cost-covering and future-securing basis. The exhibition and utilisation programme has been conceptualised primarily in accordance with curatorial criteria, not at all out of solely economic concerns.
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the vehicle

adapter is an Opel Blitz with multifunctional structure, which anyone in possession of a normal driver’s license can use. It is easy to steer and can be parked anywhere. A change of place is easily arranged for. Its structure is transformable, offering several utilisation alternatives.

The extendable cross members offer variuos project facilities in both interior and exterior spaces. The rooftop can be used by artists, for instance, for the purpose of performances or object presentations. A flexible railing system ensures safety of the visitors in any of the utility forms.

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the utilisation concept

  1. a platform for cultural facilities: adapter ist primarily a platform, which can be utilised by the existing professional art venues and cultural institutions all over Switzerland, be it musuems, higher education institutions or art houses.
  2. extending und networking: The users can extend their venues spatially as well as connect with the exterior spaces as farther as in other cantons.
  3. communication: The plattform can also serve as a mouthpiece, such as for a trade association visarte or art schools. Information can be circulated, or schooling can take place, defying geographical distances.