Afra Kane's first EP!

Hello! My name is Afra Kane and I’m an Italian pianist and songwriter, I come from a town near Venice, called Vicenza! (you might have passed through it by train on your way to Verona, maybe). Currently I’m in Switzerland,though I lived for a few years in the UK. I’ve come here mainly to study: I have a degree in classical piano and a Certificate in Arts Management. I am currently doing a Master’s in piano at the Geneva Music College. Besides being a pianist, I’m also a singer-songwriter! and I have started my own project, in which I have the chance to play along other professional musicians such as Emilio Vidal, Manuel Linder,Gino Berchicci, Margarida Costa and Auguste Rahon. They are the ones also playing in the Ep, directed by producer and musical director Christophe Farine!! Music has always been my biggest passion and my 2018 goal is to produce my first EP. The EP is called «Scorpio», which is also my star sign! Basically I’m trying to convince everyone that people with this star sign are not so bad after-all! On a more serious note, though, I started writing music at 12 and it’s always been there for me, in terms of helping me understand my feelings and emotions, or processing and dealing with the diverse challenges we all face in life. My aim is to be able to write songs that can help other people process their own emotions, without feeling ashamed of them and ultimately finding themselves. A lot of you know me as a classical pianist, others as a jazz singer, but all I know is that if I can merge my three favourite things in the world (playing the piano, singing, and writing lyrics), and make a living out of it, I will forever be grateful at life. And this is why your help is infinitely important for this projet! Don’t hesitate to be a part of this, choosing from the multiple rewards you will find enclose.

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Merge of identities

My project is special, because I merge my multiple identities into one. What does this mean? Well it means that I have simply not chosen a particular musical direction, some songs will be more classically inspired and others will sound more jazz/hip-hop or even funk. I’ve decided to just let my creativity be and my multiple identities define my music without imposing a particular one.

Covering publishing and promotion costs

The reason why I am doing this is specifically to cover the publishing and promotion costs, as well as the mixing and mastering costs. After a long period spent in recording, rearranging and trying to shape the music as best as we could, it would just be a shame for it to not be heard!