Join us to tackle hand in hand this crucial phase of implementing the ’Votre Cercle de Vie’ project! Together, we make the future bloom!

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Transform challenges into solutions!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your support has been crucial in enabling us to successfully complete twelve years of collaboration with the Canton, the Municipality, and the Confederation. Thanks to your assistance, we’ve managed to gather the necessary funds to submit the dossier for public inquiry. The inquiry is now closed, and we’ve reviewed the remarks made by those who chose to oppose.

This is the third time we’ve turned to you, our dear community. This time, with a special appeal: we not only seek your financial support (a huge thank you in advance!) for this phase of reconciling oppositions but also aim to mobilize collective intelligence to positively address the concerns raised by opponents during the public inquiry of the «Votre Cercle de Vie» project. And for this, we need your generosity!

As you know, this project is based on societal innovation, on the idea of regeneration, biodiversity, and the principles of a circular economy! Our dearest wish is to alleviate the concerns raised in these oppositions, and through this crucial phase, we aim to directly engage with ALL of you to transform concerns into opportunities and doubts into confidence, in an alchemical manner. How will we proceed?

Over the 40 days of our crowdfunding campaign, we’ll address the major themes that elicited reactions, and we’ll dissect them together. Esther Mottier, the project’s founder for 15 years alongside her husband Nicolas and bearer of the innovative circular economy project «Votre Cercle de Vie,» will be joined by the highly inspiring Sofia de Meyer, founder of Opaline and specialist in societal innovation. Together, they will facilitate discussions on all these addressed themes and encourage collaboration. We’ll regularly release short videos on these subjects, inviting everyone to share their ideas, solutions, experiences, and reflections. Let’s act for a future that’s a win-win for all, and together, let’s find solutions through dialogue.

To conclude these 40 days of crowdfunding, we invite you on Friday, June 21st at 7:30 PM to join a vibrant webinar with Esther and Sofia, during which you can ask any questions about the project that you haven’t received answers to yet. Thus, this crowdfunding will end on a high note!

  • Together, let’s act so that the «Votre Cercle de Vie» project can come to life and become a laboratory for transitioning to a regenerative future. A place where we’ll learn, discover, share, and evolve. A space where everyone, with their uniqueness and gifts, will be welcomed with open arms. A place where all are welcome.

This crowdfunding is much more than just a crowdfunding dedicated to a single project! It aims to identify tools and avenues to support future initiatives based on a circular economy, and for new solutions to emerge from the community.

«Votre Cercle de Vie» Project: A Holistic Approach for the Societal Innovation

Systemic projects (which adopt a holistic understanding or approach that takes into account the interactions and interconnections between the different parts of a whole) are not yet commonplace. If we want to succeed in a project like «Votre Cercle de Vie,» it’s important to consider and develop many solutions along the way. These advancements provide as many answers to the «Votre Cercle de Vie» project as to other initiatives. This is what makes projects based on societal innovation so interesting and attractive: their journeys are valuable, not just during their implementation.

Support us in our mission to build a sustainable future. The «Votre Cercle de Vie» project is a competence center for transition, which seamlessly integrates residents and local activities. «Votre Cercle de Vie» contributes to the evolution of society in seeking solutions to current crises and highlights the systemic nature of our ecosystems within a pioneering location in the Alps. This is a first in Switzerland.

This competence center houses under one roof a biodynamic farm populated with cows, goats, sheep, chickens, horses, ponies, donkeys, and pigs, as well as spaces dedicated to hospitality, catering, well-being, and integrative health. This project is entirely designed according to the principles of the circular economy. It generates its own energy and has an innovative water purification system. It is built with natural materials in perfect harmony with nature, entirely reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

«Votre Cercle de Vie» relies on a strong community, with over 700 individuals who have contributed to the project over the past 15 years. We are now seeking financial support to turn this dream into reality. Thanks to your essential involvement in this post-public inquiry phase, we aim to inaugurate this unique place in 2028. This space has already overcome numerous obstacles! Together, let’s make the next step possible!

  • Tiered garden
    Tiered garden
  • Fibonacci outdoor kitchen
    Fibonacci outdoor kitchen
  • Cheese cellar ’Cristal’
    Cheese cellar ’Cristal’
  • Dish bar in the inclusive restaurant
    Dish bar in the inclusive restaurant
  • Inclusive restaurant
    Inclusive restaurant

Living hedges as a symbol of the strength of cooperation

The major strength of living hedges lies in their ability to create a symbiosis that promotes remarkable soil fertility by increasing CO2 content. This improved fertility benefits biodiversity and the regeneration of the local environment by promoting plant growth and attracting a variety of insects, birds, and other animals that find refuge in these spaces. Additionally, living hedges contribute to regulating temperature variations and humidity and play a role in climate balance.

Our card game as a gift for you: Living hedges, comparable to virgin forests in terms of biodiversity, play an essential role in safeguarding this biological diversity and offer benefits for human health. To raise awareness of this often-underestimated richness, we have created a card game that highlights the wonders of living hedges. Each card is an invitation to explore the medicinal properties of plants and discover their vital role for local fauna, thereby strengthening our connection with nature and our commitment to its preservation.

Get your hands dirty: As part of this crowdfunding, we plan to plant new living hedges this autumn to showcase these vital forces. You’ll have the opportunity to discover the species that will compose these hedges, learn planting and maintenance techniques, and explore how flowers and fruits can enrich your daily life. You’ll be surprised to discover how many of these plants, frequently used for their medicinal virtues, can have a positive impact on your health.

Taking care of the planet is also taking care of ourselves!

  • Muskatellersalbei
  • Mispel
  • Pie-grièche écorcheur
    Pie-grièche écorcheur
  • Schlehdorn
  • Kornelkirsche