Album-Production Meira Loom

by Mei-Siang Chou


Meira Loom has laid the foundation for her new band album in the seclusion of Puglia.
With your support, the songs can be finished and released.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 1/6/2022

The Magic of Puglia

The Culture Lockdown was both a creative break and the start of a new chapter for me. Meira Loom has grown from a one-woman-project to a four-piece band and many new songs were created. Versatile and multi-layered, just like the full life of a woman who stands in the middle of the cycle of life.

With instruments and studio equipment in the hold, we set off south in August 2021 - across Italy to the summer heat of Apulia. In the barren isolation between cacti and olive trees, we grew together as a band and laid the foundation for the new album «Crescent Moons.»

A filmmaker documented the making of the album and shot three music videos: on the red earth in the olive grove, on the roof of our temporary home, and during the nights in which we captured the magic of the Macchia (roughly: bushy wilderness) in songs.

Embedded In the Cycles of Life

Every morning is the start of a new day’s cycle. As a woman*, I experience a cycle that lasts about as long as one lunar cycle. Spring enchants us anew every year with its splendor of blossoms. And life itself is a great cycle: being born, growing and blossoming, giving life, coming to rest, and dying.

These cycles accompany and inspire me in the work on the new album. I am particularly interested in the ancient wisdom that can be found in all cultures: the «primordial knowledge» of the female rhythm - the origin of all human life. With my music and through dialogue and collaboration with other women, I want to inspire and encourage other people, especially women, to live their dreams - embedded in the cycles of life.

The first song, «Crescent Moons,» will be released this spring. It’s about my little daughter who stands at the beginning of her life. In summer, we’ll celebrate the full moon, passion, and femininity with the song «Danseur De Lune» (Moon Dancer). In fall, as it gets cooler and quieter, themes of doubt, aging, and withdrawal come up. Now follows the silence of winter; the circle is about to close. But under the white blanket - still hidden from our eyes - life is getting ready for spring again. And then it will be time to release the whole album and let it fly.

We Need Your Support!

The songs are recorded. But the road to the finished album in the record store is still long and the release not yet financed.

What’s next:

  • Mixing and mastering the songs
  • Graphic work for the cover
  • Finishing the music videos
  • CD pressing
  • Promotion for radios, playlists, etc.

With cultural grants I’ve been able to cover travel, accommodation and part of the production costs. We have already put hundreds of hours of personal effort into the project.

Now I need your support! We want to raise at least 6’000 CHF in 30 days to finish the album and bring it to the people.

Already with 20 CHF you help us get one step closer to our dream. Thank you very much for your contribution and for telling others, sharing, liking…!

Why can’t we do it without you? Culture has a price. Here’s a little math example: If 1000 people bought a CD in the past, this generated revenues of about 6’000 CHF for the artist. If today 1000 people stream a CD, this generates an income of about 30 CHF. This amount is not even enough to upload the music to the platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. That’s why I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign: If 100 people donate 60 CHF each, they make my work possible. Thank you!