Hello all, we love the craft and want to support the craftsmen, who pursue their profession or hobby with much love, and to offer them a larger platform with the Olma.

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This is what it's all about.

We at Alpästärn think that craftsmanship is not appreciated enough. We want to counteract this and offer cool and innovative craftsmen a platform in which we present their products in the online store and in the flagship store in St. Gallen.

It all started in 2018 in the summer with the milk can lanterns. In the following months and years, more and more partners and craftsmen joined. 2021 in March we then opened our flagship store in the old town of St. Gallen. Here we sell various handcrafted products on two floors. Many of them made exclusively for us.

We support our partner and crafts in very different areas. On the one hand the marketing of the products in our online store and in the store in St. Gallen. But we also support in the creation of product images for the online store and advertising via social media. The craftsman can thus concentrate on what he is really good at: his craft.

Last year, we also attended Olma for the first time and it was a complete success. We would like to repeat this this year and present our products to as large an audience as possible.

What is the Olma? The Olma is the «Eastern Switzerland Agricultural and Dairy Exhibition» and one of the very big highlights for many people in Eastern Switzerland. It is traditionally opened by a federal councillor.

Why is the Olma so important for us? Because every year between 370,000 and 390,000 visitors come to St. Gallen to attend the exhibition. We and our partners have a large intersection in the target audience. This makes the stand all the more valuable for us. We reach many new customers and existing ones also like to come to our stand. Holding the products in your hand and looking at them up close is simply different than buying them online.

We depend on your support and we hope to finance the rent and the construction of the stand with your support.

We look forward to your support.

My project is special because ...

Our focus is on offering craftsmen a platform and providing them with the largest possible sales channel with our online shop and store in the heart of the city of St. Gallen.

From hobby to main business Many of our partners started out as hobby craftsmen and produced great products. We were allowed to accompany them in their development and for many it has long ceased to be a hobby. They can now pursue their passion as a sideline or even as a full-time business.

Sustainability & fair working conditions When selecting our partners, we focus on sustainability and regionality. We want to conserve our planet’s resources and we do everything we can to become a little more sustainable every day. When choosing our partners, we pay a lot of attention to how they handle the materials and where they get them from. Upcycling is not just a trend for us, but an important component in our partners and the products they sell. In this way, we want to breathe new life into materials together. Everything that we cannot have manufactured in Switzerland or Europe is produced in workshops that are certified and audited. In this way, we want to ensure that these employees are paid fairly and have good working conditions.

This is what I need backing for.

With your support we want to finance the stand at the Olma and the stand construction. These expenses amount to approximately 14753 Swiss francs.

By supporting this project, you are not only helping us, but also our partners, who will be presented to a large audience at the Olma.

If you feel addressed as a partner, you are also very welcome. Write us an email at info@alpaestaern.ch and explain your product and tell us something about yourself and your craft.

Thank you very much for your support Best regards Bo & David