Thank YOU !!!By PALA - Psychedelic Association of Lausanne for Awareness, on 23/9/2021 08:46


So here we are.. we have collected the financial means to actually bring to life this gathering.

Thank YOU!

ALPS Conference will happen and we are looking forward to welcome as many of you as we can to this beautiful meeting full of hope, awareness and evidence-based knowledge.

Did we have a plan B? No, but we would have found one and someone would have supported us just like you all did.

Again: thank YOU!

We would also like to thank all the speakers that trusted our work from the beginning: their presence was our intrinsic goal and bringing them together is our most important result (thanks to YOU (: ).

And now… back to work!

Signed: Maxime, Cyril, Federico, Polina, Adam, Johanna


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THANK YOU, amazing team! Thanks for bringing up to life this important project!