«Die Alte Trotte Haltingen»

This is «Die Alte Trotte Haltingen». A historical winery house right in the heart where Germany, France and Switzerland meet.

The front area of the house is decorated with a monumental old wine press from the year 1789, and in «Alemannisch» (our dialect), a wine press is called «Trotte», which is where the house got its name.

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The project

Together, with my family, my network and friends of the house, I tackle the project: «Die Alte Trotte Haltingen» shall be restored to its original state. The project, which includes the house, the yard, a barn and a wine cellar, has the potential to become a new cultural highlight in the region.

  • Into the former living room of the house, we want to build a typical «Alemannisches» Café: a cozy gathering place for the community and international guests, passing through our region.
  • For 20 years, the traditional wine fest, the «Winzerfest Haltingen». takes place around this house, and attracts annually on one day up to 2000 visitors: a perfect setting to enjoy the new wine and culinary specialties of the Markgräflerland. We want to establish this location as a meeting point throughout the year.
  • The barn will be converted into a convertible performance area in order to breathe new life with all kinds of events: workshops, theater, concerts, church services, parties and celebrations.
  • We want to use the wine cellar for wine tasting and readings.

The realization

According to an expert and our architect a total of EUR 250’000 is needed to realize our project.

EUR 40’000 are pending by the insurance, the rest will be financed by a founder loan from a bank and your help through wemakeit.

The plan is to redevelop «Die Alte Trotte Haltingen» until early 2017. In this very year, the village Haltingen celebrates its 1250 anniversary and we want to be ready for that!

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The history of the house

«Die Alte Trotte Haltingen» was the home of my grandparents, the winegrowers Marta and Walter Walliser. Together with their family, they operated the farm until my grandfather’s death in 2003.

The house was kept as a place for us grandchildren. In the year 2010 I was planning to take over the house to open a «Kulturcafé», together with my brother, a trained chef, but on the night of 22nd December 2009 the house caught fire, which put our plans on ice, as the entire inventory was lost.

Our village is situated in the «Dreiländereck», precisely at the border to Basel (Switzerland) and Kleinhünigen (France).

Haltingen was mentioned first in the year 767, as «Haholtinga», and since then it has been a wine producing area.

«Die Alte Trotte Haltingen» is situated in the old village center along the route of the «Weiler Weinweg», which is a ten-minute drive to the borders of Switzerland and France.

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With your help

We are rebuilding our former home to create a cultural center in the beautiful «Dreiländereck» area, which we will open for visitors and local people. Together, we can save the historic ensemble, and create space for culture and life.