Experience a unique stay in an eco-lodge !

ALTHAYA is an innovative project that provides an answer to the need for new eco-sustainable touristic accomodation.

Composed of 5 wooden structures located in a forest within the Parc Naturel Jura Vaudois, this project intends to promote eco-sustainable tourisme that preserves nature. It is based on the latest innovations in energy-technology in order to offer an uncommon touristic experience while promoting a reasonable usage of natural ressources.

This project plays a major role in the economic development of the region. It provides a suitable answer to the growing touristic needs, particularly in an area where the offer of touristic accomodation is currently insufficient. It also contributes to the nature-orientated positioning of the region while developing an attrative and professional visibility.

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What is special in my project ?

My project invites nature- and star-loving tourists to discover our beautiful wooden structures in the heart of a preserved natural site. In my eco-lodges, I invite you to a cosy, unique stay, allying confort and nature, while integrating a responsable use of ressources. My project intends to reduce to a maximum the impact and nuisance on the site, inviting my hosts to reflect and, in their turn, act in an eco-responsable way. I also hope to promote the region and its culture. All these elements mean that my project is undoubtedly eco-friendly, based on the principles of sustainable tourism.

What will become of your support ?

To this day, ALTHAYA Swiss eco-lodges is a dream and I need you to help me make it become reality ! The collected funds will be used to finance part of the draft-studies that are mandatory in preparing the final project which will be submitted to banks and potential investors : an extensive market research and a complete business plan. On the other hand, the money will also contribute to my own funds that are still partly missing in my investment budget.

At least 60’000.- francs are necessary for me to make my project real, but ideally, 120’000.- francs would allow me to conceive even more confortable eco-lodges in terms of energy-consumption, as well as enabling me to develop the surrounding site : integrated wooden pathways, a water-retention pond for the treatment of used water, etc.

Twenty or so different and original counterparts have been imagined for everyone to support my project : discover them in the following slide-show !