21st century myths of the Middle East revisualized | 7 handpulled screen prints inspired by the events of the last 20 years

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An Odyssee

Another Erdogan, possible? Another Syria? A different Arab Spring…

Perhaps a foolish expectation. Believe me it isn’t. You may want to ask «how?». Let me give you a hint:

Close your eyes. Reflect on what you have been exposed to in the news. Imagine all that has happened and bring the pictures you’ve seen back: bombs falling, children crying, thousands of men marching for the purpose of a false god… empty, barren desert, guns, weapons, innocent people translocated. Push yourself over the bordering limits of reality to imagine. Not bound to what is shown, not determined by someone else’s words. Imagine.

Idealize a new vision; slow enough to keep everything real, fast enough to move forward on the left wing of time.

Using the leverage of technology combined with unique hand craft, let the colors of your mind paint a new president, a new Middle East, if not a whole lot different world.

I would like to invite each and everyone of you to imagine another Erdogan, another Assad, another Arab Spring; a different new form of democracy. Becoming more than just witnesses to history, I invite you to feel and dream about how everything could be different.

Being able to see and observe is to believe and I believe in a different Erdogan. My dream has always been to find a way to combine artistic ideas into a unique form of expression, seeking to unveil the political and social myths of our century through art and music. I believe in what I see and how it could be different.

At the core of this, my form of art, there is no dictated conformity or school of thought. On the contrary, I imagined my art to be like a string of thought:

So thin; like the air you breathe in. So thin, that it will slice apart another determined dogma flashing in front of your eyes.

The 21st century myths of the Middle East revisualized through my artistic perspective.


Stories of those, who wandered through Anatolia & sailed the mediterranean sea- and those excluded and unknown.

Artistic Description

Multi-instrumentalist…It may sound simple, but it takes years to master different skills to freely express and communicate ideas, which can move people.

The term actually comes from the music industry and is an updated definition for a musician who has mastered several instruments. For me, however, this term has moved in a different direction in recent years, considering music by itself was no longer my only instrument. I have started to research and combine techniques - manipulating different digital and conventional tools, methods and programs to combine what has been so much simplified for us.

This gave me the opportunity to enjoy new dimensions…

I’ve long been focusing on myths & legends and considered it one of my primary influences as an artist.

The intensity of the content, economy of gesture, intense stylization, flatness, themes of agony & transcendence- I get real excited about all these things. For a while now, I have been working on pieces in various art forms that are not only influenced by mythology, but more directly took a specific region’s modern myths as the main reference of incidents.

Sitting in a rather uptight position in terms of my long distance to religious beliefs, yet feeling a closeness to home, it has been an interesting mental journey for a stranger, who is extremely familiar to both faces and places.

—————– | Limited edition* |

These hand pulled screen prints (on 50 x 65 cm high quality Bamboo paper from Hahnemühle) will be produced in a professional screen print studio (Applied Arts University Vienna or Druckblase). They will be stamped and signed on the poster back, rolled and shipped in a heavy-duty shipping tube.

*Limited 50 pieces each


With your help I am confident this series will be seen and heard by far more people than I could reach otherwise. By using wemakeit I am able to offer these prints to a wider audience while keeping a much lower price than the normal production methods would allow. Screen printing is a volume-type production, and I believe I’ve found a price level that is both affordable and enough for me to keep the lights on while I get obsessed with new and interesting pieces.

—————–| Risks and challenges |

Funds raised via wemakeit will pay the rent for the studio and the workspace for the printing process, paper and inks are selected. The main variable is the final number of backers and prints to be delivered.

There is not much risk involved with this project. All is rather straight forward. The artworks will be shipped in thick cardboard tubes, wrapped in silk paper, handled with 100% loving care and cautiousness with registered post delivery (Turkey & EU-wide shipment is included in the price).

First of all, thank you for reading so far. I would like to invite you to consider supporting my campaign. I think it will give both myself and my audience an opportunity to see what I can build with my new knowledge and I also think my new academic career (Diploma in Digital Arts at The Applied Art University Vienna) will provide me with skills and inspiration I wouldn’t be able to access outside of the the art scene. I’m excited to see just what the possibilities are and if my new work will open doors to further study, or to greater success here on wemakeit. I have some tremendous ideas for rewards to offer in exchange for your generous contributions and I’m certain this campaign and the community we form together will lead us to more entertaining and more inspiring artistic achievement and expression in future. I thank you for your time and support!

Ilkhan Selcuk Erdogan - 10lcr