Support us with the realisation of «Angel’s Forgiveness» a Trans performance festival that will be held on the 17th & 18th of June, during the Art Basel 2022, in the space of Amore.

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For the exhibition year 2022, Eliah Maag and Danny Byrne were invited to develop an exhibition concept for the Amore (
In collaboration, Maag and Byrne have developed the concept for the performance festival «Angel’s Forgiveness». It aims to provide a platform for emerging trans artists to show their art, network and generate visibility in the art scene. A variety of perspectives and positions will be shown. The performance festival «Angel’s Forgiveness» will happen during the Art Basel 2022 from the 17th to 18th of June and is intended to take up space as an alternative to institutional and commercial performance art. A trans-specific performance festival in this form will take place for the first time in Basel. In addition to performative-artistic positions, the focus will also be on further education, access to information and the safety of trans people. In the form of talks and workshops, Eliah Maag and Danny Byrne would like to use the festival framework to offer resources and support for trans people. In addition to the artistic contributions further work at the festival will also be covered by trans people. This includes, for example, the graphic design, the social media presence as well as artist care and awareness work. Central to this is to offer trans artists and people a platform and to create safe and paid job opportunities.

Angel's Forgiveness Poster
Angel's Forgiveness Poster

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As one of the most marginalised groups, trans people face discrimination not only in work environments. In addition to the general difficulties faced by young artists, trans people often encounter further hurdles in the cultural sector. Trans people are repeatedly employed under the pretext of diversity for the purpose of tokenism under precarious working conditions, and mostly unpaid. Their social equality has still not been achieved. Thus, they are confronted with legal problems and the lack of social benefits. With «Angel’s Forgiveness» we want to counteract the hegemonic art scene during Art Basel and create a cultural event explicitly by, with and for trans people. The aim is to promote trans visibility and give young artists a platform that could be relevant for their future as artists.

Deine Belohnung bei einer Spende von 60CHF
Deine Belohnung bei einer Spende von 60CHF

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Central to «Angel’s Forgiveness» is to provide a platform for trans artists and people, as well as safe and paid job opportunities.

Der AMORE Space in Basel
Der AMORE Space in Basel