What is Animéco?

In order to offer a high quality food, adapted to all cats, we have set up an algorithm with veterinarians and animal nutrition specialists to calculate the ideal recipe for each cat. A menu, made to measure, according to :

  • Its age
  • Its weight
  • Its activity
  • Its breed
  • Its allergies
  • Preferences, etc.

In this way, we offer cats the opportunity to eat the most suitable pet food solution on the market.

Furthermore, we are very concerned about our beautiful planet and do not want to impact it in any way. For this reason, we have developed biodegradable bags in which the kibbles will be contained for delivery. These bags will be transported in cartons made of recycled paper and also 100% recyclable.

Your cat’s menu will be delivered to your home and all that’s left to do is to put his future favourite kibbles in his bowl ;)

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100% Swiss, gluten and palm oil free!

Of course, our kibble production takes place in Switzerland as we want to make the circular economy stronger in our region. Our recipes do not contain gluten or palm oil. All the raw materials used in our kibbles have been specially selected to guarantee optimal health for your pet! They are 100% natural and have not been genetically modified.

We have made every effort to ensure that our products comply with the Ordinance on the Production and Marketing of Animal Feed issued by the Federal Office for Agriculture.

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We need your help to start production !

Animéco is the fruit of the hard work of 3 new entrepreneurs, Allison, Romain and Jimmy, who wish to offer cats a healthy, controlled and chemical-free food while respecting the planet. This project is the result of the Bachelor’s degree work of one of the co-founders at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis.

After several months of intense development, the project is almost ready! We still have a thorn in our side before we can launch the project, the necessary funds to develop the following points:

  • Design costs
  • Purchase of all raw materials
  • Production costs
  • Administrative and logistical costs
  • The development of the website

That’s why we’re calling on you! Thanks to these 30’000 CHF, we will be able to reach our goals and create the best recipes for your fur balls. Moreover, you can pre-order, from now on, the kibbles that will make your cat happy or opt for other counterparts.

Talking about our project around you is also a huge support. Without you, nothing is possible, so we are counting on you!

Thank you very much for your generosity!