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A comic book of Annalù

Our daughter Annalù was born in 2011 following quite a dramatic moment. Even if we already split up as a couple, nature wanted us to have another child. It is in this magic context, and maybe due to this unusual constellation, that the free little mind of Annalù was born.

Annalù rapidly started to baffle us with her out-of-the-box thoughts, already at the tender age of 3 years old, and so we immediately thought: this needs to be written down. Now, 5 years and hundreds of notes later, it is time to publish a selection of her most inspiring thoughts and dialogues.

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Money for drawings & layouts

The comic book does not exist yet, only the concept. We would thus like to work with the professional Italian illustrator Raffaella Ligi to create the comic booklet. Raffaella has been working as illustrator mostly for children books and collaborating with many book publishers all over the world (http://raffaellaligi.com).

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Help us to make the comic book

With this crowdfunding campaign, we would like you to participate in this journey. We will use the pre-sale of the comic book to produce the book together with Raffaella Ligi.

Secure your copy of this thoughtful and fun comic now, and witness the life of an extraordinary little girl.

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