A different way of looking at coffee ...

Another Coffee Please ! is a documentary film which aims at shining a light on specialty coffee. Even though, some might only see it as just having a different taste, the picture would be highly incomplete if we were to say that its only difference lies in a «less bitter taste». This film will therefore take you into the world of specialty coffee and allow you to discover it from the inside both from the perspective of coffee roasters and baristas here in Switzerland and that of coffee producers in Guatemala in order to get a better understanding of what it is concretely.

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... in a more realistic manner.

For a little bit more than a year now, I have been following different [speciality] coffee roasters throughout the country in order to document their work and their evolution and hopefully get a sense of what makes this coffee so special. Having shot most of the material I wanted to get here in Switzerland, it is now time to head to Latin America ! Even though it is one of the lesser known and sometimes blurriest aspect of coffee in most consumer countries, coffee production plays a crucial role both in the quality of the coffee and in the economy of certain regions (or even countries sometimes), but how does it translate concretely ? The reason why I am looking to go to Guatemala, is precisely to try to answer that question by documenting the work of the producers, the way they live and the way coffee production impacts the local economy.

Let's bring this vision to life together

Concerned about the impact that sponsors might have on the story I was trying to tell, I made the choice of not having any, which allowed me to have a complete creative freedom and a much more unfiltered take on the subject.

With that being said, as you might imagine, this also brought some financial challenges along the way.

Though travelling to Guatemala isn’t the most expensive thing, it is, in this case, only one part of the equation. When embarking on such a trip, a lot more things have to be considered ! Whether it be the cost of life [for three months], the additional equipment required (batteries, hard drives, etc.), the cost of the extra luggage, etc., there are a lot of expenses that come into play, thus making for a quite significant bill in the end. By contributing, not only will you allow this trip to happen, but you will also allow it to happen in the best conditions possible.