App for apartment residents

by Doğa Armangil


New high-end online services have recently appeared that are making the lives of some luxury apartment residents easier. I would like to develop an affordable and mass-market version of these services


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Concluded on 12/11/2018

Digital communication, and access to local service providers

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New online services such as Bonacasa and LivingServices have started to provide many useful features to the residents of high-end buildings. For example:

  1. Communication between residents and property managers (the sending of documents and announcements).
  2. Communication between residents.
  3. Access to third party service providers for housecleaning, laundry, moving between homes, and more.
  4. Applications for using home automation devices.
  5. Security services that can intervene in case of medical alerts for example.

Everything you need at home is available to you from your smartphone!

Our goal is to offer an affordable version of this type of service to a large part of the population. Our online service will be called Equa. We will start by offering the «Equa Home Communication» service package that will consist of the points 1 and 2 on the list above. In detail:

  • Receiving documents (house rules, lease contract …) and announcements (regarding repairs in your building or apartment, celebratory events …) that are sent by the property manager.
  • Automatically making reservations for the shared laundry facilities if your building is so equipped. Your neighbours know when the machine is busy, and you can modify your reservations at all times.
  • Synchronising your reservations and announcements with your digital calendar if you wish. Equa is compatible with Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and many other calendars.
  • A list of contacts that is always up-to-date.
  • Communication with your contacts and neighbours.

Later on, we will add functionalities that are more costly for us to produce. For example, the point 3 on the above list.

We might implement only some of the features that are mentioned on that list, while adding new ones.

Benefits for residents

As things stand right now, online residential services are high-end products enjoyed by the few. We think that an affordable version of those types of services would be useful to a much wider audience, so that’s what we are setting out to bring to market.

Use of funds

The collected funds will be used for production and sales.

Production expenses (CHF 28’000):

  • CHF 19’200 for hiring a software developer for two months.
  • CHF 8’800 for paying my own salary for two months.

Ideally the production phase would span four months and utilise two external developers. Nevertheless we will produce a solid product with the available resources.

Sales expenses (CHF 1’800.-):

  • Direct sales to real estate property managers.
  • Partnerships with AbaImmo distributors such as BDO.

Thanks in advance for your contributions and the lobbying of your property manager!