Pictures of a different Armenia

During the last decades and in particular after the 1988 earthquake, pictures of Armenia In Western countries belittled it as a recipient of donations. I also have a first-hand experience of an assistance project there in the early 90ies (I refer to the video below) and saw the enormous difficulties the country faced after independence 1991: electricity and warm water only for a few hours, in particular in Gyumri, nearly totally destroyed by the earthquake. I shall never forget my impressions walking through this dark city. I am so glad to be able to show another Armenia now after its political awakening: its cultural wealth, its traditions in arts and contemporary artists. Many of them I know from travelling there. One of them is Karen Asatrian, a composer and musician. He gladly took up my idea to show him and some of his fellow artists presenting his country in a movie. This is an excellent example how today’s Armenian artists don’t shut themselves away, but interpret their melancholic folklore with modern tunes. Another one is Hrachya Vardanyan. I helped to organise several expositions for him in Austria. The movie shows the artists embedded in Armenia’s unique, untouched and untamed scenery, the video clip is already a hint to that. Please support this unique project. We want to present this Armenian spirit with the help of all cinematic means. That this is worth trying demonstrates the promise by 3-SAT to broadcast it, if we will be able to produce it. Should the revenues exceed the basic threshold, we shall use the surplus to produce an English language version subtitled in Armenian.

Johann Doeller, the project’s initiator, producer, in cooperation with Focusfilm GesmbH, also chairman of SPIRIT OF ARMENIA – and association for the promotion of Armenian arts

«I am animated by the Armenian spirit !»

I am the initiator of this project and visited Armenia for the first time in 1990. In 1995 Karen Asatrian emigrated to Austria. Our paths crossed at a fundraising concert in Vienna, when Karen’s band ARMENIAN SPIRIT played to support the Austrian Paediatric Hosiptal in Gyumri, for which I did fundraising, too. That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and the Armenian spirit hogged me too. I want to present Armenian artists and show how I met them, searching for their historical roots and their Armenian identity. And I want to show how Karen Asatrian strives to educate young musical talents in his country.

Johann Doeller, the film’s producer together with Focusfilm GmbH


ARMENIAN SPIRIT doesn't live by spirit only...

Estimated production costs for this documentary film of 40 minutes will be approximately € 45.000. This sum will cover the material expenses resp. basic costs.