After our debut album, which was released in June 2015 on Panta R&E, we want to dash into the next big thing. We want to shoot our first professional music video.

The exciting factor?

We will cooperate with a famous performance artist for the first time and together we want to create somethinge huge. As we became aware of the fact, that our video idea won’t fit on an already existing song, we even decided to write a new one.

The song

Is about the necessity of life and it’s end. The lyrics are asking questions, giving hope, but even confront with the inevitable.

The video

Is about the blame. But even about the ease, with which you can walk through life. You get confronted with the reality as well. Nothing lasts forever. We are all the same.

Therefor we need you

We ain’t got the money for the studio, the appropriate equipment, a great cameraman or –woman and a bunch of people (crew, extras and so on), who will get a warm meal for their contribution. so we thought about you and if you would support us.